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The Best Places to Visit in Rome

Did you know that around 95 million tourists visited Italy in 2019? Of those 95 million tourists, around 10 million of them visited Rome. Rome is the capital city of Italy, and it is full of interesting history and culture….


Best Golfing Spots in Italy

Known for its year round mild climate, choosing Italy for your golf break is a great decision as it is a great place to play golf. The Italians take their golf seriously and there are some of the most challenging…

What to do in Tuscany For a Luxury Weekend

If you are spending some time in Italy then a visit to the central region of Tuscany is an absolute must. As someone who regularly travels to Italy and someone who has indulged in all of many of the luxury…

Planning a Birthday Holiday? Here are 3 Places to Consider

Are you looking for the best destination where you can celebrate your birthday? Make it the most memorable time of the year by travelling in the destinations that will be recommended below. Whether you plan to travel with your whole…