Best Luxury Resorts in Australia

If you were wanting to get the best travel experience in the entire world, you may have a lot of countries and areas in mind. However, believe it or not, there are actually more places in one corner of the world that are more visited, and it’s no surprise as to why it’s growing heavily because of the many things that the lands down under have for the public. In this guide, we’re going to explain some of the best luxury resorts in Australia (, and tell you how you can get them quickly and easily to plan your dream vacation today.

Seeing the Kangaroos

If you’re wanting to experience some of the best wildlife that Australia has to offer, you may want to visit Kangaroo Island (aside from going to Canberra, where most of the actual kangaroo population is). The reason for this, is because you’ll be able to enjoy almost a perfect blend of Australia’s Wildlife harboring in one beautiful space, which is the third largest island in the entire continent. You can even visit the Flinders Chase national Park and experience some of the most amazing comfortable views of the area on all sides, including the shores from the Southern Ocean Lodge.

Sing with the Sheep

If you’ve ever wondered about those scenic areas like you may view on the television screen, or even the big screen with large wide-open prairies you only thought was possible in places like Ireland, then Arkaba is definitely for you. You can actually visit their lodge and live in the private seclusion of downhome comfort, while still living like a prince, or even a family of royalty. This place is so amazing with all of their walking trails, and even their Bush Luxury experiences that it is one of the most popular places to bring the whole family. If you have more than one child, one child even travels free!

The Great Barrier Reef

Of course, this area is the most popular in almost all of Australia, at least when it comes to internationals. In the top northern corner of Queensland, this reef has the most oceanic wildlife in the entire continent, as well as miles and miles of beautiful blue seas and masses of walls of coral. The beach sands are a beautiful white fine powder, and they are home to some of the most luxury country clubs in all of the lands.


If you’re wanting to plan your luxury trip to the land down under, then you’ll need to do as much research as possible. Check out some guides on finding out how to plan your trip and save as much as you can, because these areas are some of the most famous in the land, which means you may have to plan ahead. By using Luxury Lodges of Australia as your resort guide though, you can get all the info you need, and even possibly get some quality deals in order to make your travels a little bit lower than it would cost without a great resort guide’s help!