Cool Things For Travelers to do in Calgary

Throughout my trip to Canada last year, there were many places which surprised me in terms of how much I enjoyed them. I have always loved this aspect of travel and I feel as though I am more often pleasantly surprised with a place that I had zero expectations, as I am disappointed by a location which promised the moon and let me down.

One such destination that really surprised me was Calgary, a city in the province of Alberta and a great place for anyone to discover another side to Canada. If you want to explore Canada then I would advise you to book your flight to Calgary soon, and here are just a few reasons why.

National Music Center

If you are a huge music fan like me, you will absolutely love this amazing center dedicated to all things musical. The center embraces both the history of music as well as music in modern times and boasts a collection of over 2,000 musical instruments from rare and ancient pieces to iconic instruments like Elton John’s piano.

Skyline Luge

I always like to involve a little bit of activity when I go traveling and when I heard about this luge spot in Calgary, I couldn’t resist. The Skyline Luge is located at the Winsport Olympic Park and it is one of the longest luge tracks in the world at a whopping 1,800 meters of continuous downhill adventure. This is one of the city’s most popular adventure spots and it is absolutely worth checking out during your time in the city.

Pathway System

One thing that you will notice very quickly about Calgary is its effort towards trying to make the city eco-friendly and health conscious. One of the best displays of this are the pathways system that exists throughout the city. This long network of pedestrian pathways connects many of the city’s busiest areas as well as the parks and inner-city communities. These pathways are a great place to walk, run or cycle and see the best of the city at the same time.

Calgary Tower

For the very best views of this beautiful city, head up to the 191 meter-tall Calgary tower where you can enjoy 360 degree views of the city in all of its glory. Not only does the view from the top of this tower enable you to see the city from above, you can also see as far as the Rocky mountains and all of the small foothills and towns in between.

Heritage Park

I am not a massive lover of museums in the main but every now and again I will visit one which I genuinely enjoy and Heritage Park in Calgary very much fell into this category. Heritage Park is a living history museum where you will find a town that operates exactly how they did in times gone by. The museum is spread over 125 acres and features over 200 exhibits and attractions for you to enjoy. If you want a glimpse into the past, set a day aside and head down to the Heritage Park historical village.