Countdown of North Carolina’s Top Beaches

What are North Carolina’s Top Beaches?

One of my favourite places in the USA to go for a week’s vacation is North Carolina and in my opinion, some of the best beaches in the city can be found in the Tarheel State. I have been visiting North Carolina for around 20 years now and throughout that time I have stayed in almost all of the popular beach locations that are on offer here. For that reason I feel that I perfectly placed to let you know which are the very best beaches in the state so that the next time you go to NC, you can ensure that you go to the very best spots.

Without further ado then, here is my countdown of North Carolina’s best beaches.

1 – Nag’s Head

I absolutely love going to the Outerbanks, that long stretch of land that acts as a breaker for the mainland and a place that offers everything that is good about this wonderful state. My favourite thing to do when I go to the Outerbanks is to rent a property from the fabulous Elan Vacations and enjoy the scenery of Nag’s Head, the best beach in the Outerbanks. Here you will find classic beach life, windswept sand dunes and crashing waves and whilst the area can become pretty popular, it never feels busy or overran which makes it the perfect spot to enjoy some relaxation time.

2 – Topsail Island

Just south of Camp Lejeune you will find Topsail Island, an island which has beaches on all sides and offers a great place for you to enjoy your vacations. There is plenty going on on the island and for those looking for a little bit of adventure, you will find lots of activity going on from kayaking to swimming, both trips to fishing. This is truly the best place in North Carolina to spend your time on the beach or getting involved in some adventures upon the ocean.

3 – Carolina Beach

The reason why I love Carolina beach so much is not necessarily because it has the best beach, but because it has the best location. The beaches are set equal-distance between the iconic Cape Fear River and the bordering State Park which means that whatever it is that you are looking to do during your time here, this is the place where you should start from. The boardwalk here is the perfect place to go on an evening and the water on the shore is far tamer than in any other part of North Carolina which means that it lends itself to body boarders and young children can play without fear. For me, a trip to Carolina beach offers one of those classic beach vacations complete with sun, sea and as well as carnivals, beachside eats and a location which makes for the perfect jumping off point for many more adventures.

What are your favourite beaches in North Carolina? Let us know in the comments section below this post.