How to Enjoy Traveling When Your Partner Doesn’t Want to Come with You

What happens when you have an insatiable wanderlust but your partner doesn’t want to travel? While you can find ways to enjoy solo travel when you are in a relationship, finding the right balance to ensure that you still manage to maintain a healthy relationship is not the easiest thing in the world.

Human beings are wired differently so it is totally understandable why you can be in love with someone who doesn’t share one of your passions. Understanding that your partner has as much right to do what they love as much as you do will go a long way in making you reconcile your different passions.

You can have a successful relationship with someone who doesn’t like to travel. Here’s how:

Finding out the Real Reasons Why They Don’t Want to Travel

Before you can make a decision on how you will be managing your relationship when you are dating someone who doesn’t like to travel, you must first find out the real reasons why your partner won’t come with you on your journeys.

People will give surface answers to questions that pry into their lives. Since you want the real reasons why they won’t travel, you need to sit down and hold a deeper conversation to get to the real answers.

Some of the reasons people don’t like to travel can be easily overcome with proper guidance. Some of the common reasons they can give include lack of money or their having very little travel experience. These reasons how that your partner can’t travel because their current circumstances don’t allow it and not because they are opposed to the idea of travel. Knowing this, you can devise ways to get them to start traveling with you.

Taking Baby Steps

If you want to persuade your partner to come with you on your adventures, start small and then scale it up gradually to more daring experiences. The easiest travel experience you can get them to agree to is a chilled out destination that is just a few miles away from where you live. You don’t even have to leave your state or country.

The less overwhelming you make the experience, the better. If you want to venture out more, you can go to a luxury resort for couples and frame the vacation as a couple’s vacation so they become more open to going with you.

Your partner will definitely say yes to a romantic couple’s vacation. It will be hard for them to turn down an opportunity to bond with you during a typical vacation that the average couple takes once in a while.

Learn to Enjoy Solo Travel

It will feel weird traveling alone the first few times you hit the road alone. Over time, you will get used to the feeling and will actually start to enjoy solo travel.

You only get one life and you should make it a point to live your passion no matter what other people, including your lover, think of it. Postponing living your passions is counterproductive as you will be less happy and you may end up detesting your partner for not letting you do something that you probably don’t need their permission to do.

Share Stories of Your Adventures

Sharing awesome stories of your experiences on the road is probably the easiest way to sell your partner on the idea of travel. When they see that you are having so much fun on the road, they’ll definitely want a piece of the action.

If you took amazing photos of you at various interesting destinations doing fun stuff, make sure you show them to your partner when you return. You can also bring great souvenirs back home to serve as a reminder of where you’ve been and how much fun you had.

Bring Friends and Family Members Along

You may not have thought of it yet but there are a lot of people besides your partner who can accompany you on your travels. Some of your family members or friends probably want to travel but lack the courage to go on their own.

You will definitely find one or two people in your current circle who would love to travel. In the rare occasion that you can’t find someone in your immediate circle and you also don’t want to go on a trip alone, consider signing up for a group tour. You will be joining a group of people who absolutely love to travel and who are from your city or town.

Meet Each Other in the Middle

You can reach a deal with your partner where you get to join them in some of their passions and they get to travel with you a few times a year. Your lover probably already has various interests they would love you to join them in.

It’s a win-win situation for both of you. You will get to spend quality time together and your partner might even start to like the idea of traveling for fun and adventure. As their love for travel grows, they will be more open to traveling with you without having to make a trade.