Most loved Canadian destinations by Italians

Canada has always attracted the Italians. After all, the italo-canadesi were among the first immigrants to have settled this land. They now account for almost 5% of the total Canadian population. Major economic and politic events have made them leave their homes, first in the second half of 19th century and then after the Secord World War.

Fortunately, the reason for travelling to Canada today is mainly for tourism and leisure. Although the distance between the two countries being 8000 km, the low coast airliners and the eTA Authorization have made it way easier for us to reach the North American country.

The eTA Authorization

In 2015, the Government of Canada decided to allow the citizens of some countries to travel without a visa. In August the same year the eTA authorization was introduced. An online travel permit valid for up to five years, the Canada eTA allows multiple visits to the country by air and water.

Once on Canadian soil, you will have the opportunity to stay for a period no greater than six months. The length of your visit will be decided upon arrival by the Customs authorities. The day of your departure will be stamped on the passport.

Some of Italian’s favorite destinations in Canada

Of course, among the most favorite destinations the Italians choose for their holidays to Canada, are the cities on the bank of St Lawrence River. Maybe because of the melting of European culture with North American way of living, and native customs, these cities attract the Europeans more than those in other parts of Canada.

Toronto, Montreal, Quebec and Ottawa – although Ottawa is not located on the banks of the St Lawrence River, the city together with the other three attracts most of the tourists. Here are some of the events you can witness in travelling to Canada in 2020:

  • Toronto: if you happen to be in Toronto in the beginning of January, we highly recommend you to visit the Union Station New Outdoor Skating Rink;
  • Between February 20 – March 1, 2020, Montreal will host Montréal en lumière – winter fest, one of the largest in the world, that combines outdoor family activities, Nuit blanche events, performing arts, and local culinary shows;
  • Quebec: in February you will be able to take part of the Quebec Winter Carnival – giant snow figures and ice sculptures, fireworks and many outdoor activities, the Canadians know how to cope with the short days and long, cold nights!
  • Ottawa: If you will be travelling with your kids to Ottawa, do not miss the Little Veterinarian School! Children will learn from how the veterinarian office looks like to how to take care of a dog. Courses like Sick of Ticks!, Immunizations, and Medical Fun and Graduation will take place from January 18 – February 22, 2020.

Niagara Falls and the Lake of Ontario – The Niagara Falls are visited by apparently 30 million tourists every year. No doubt this is one of the most visited places in both Canada and the USA. The Lake Ontario, however, offers much more than that!

The Niagara Winery Experience gives tourists the opportunity to visit some of the 88 local wineries and taste their productions. The region is famous with its sweet white wines made by native grape.

Yukon and the Aurora borealis – Canada is of course famous for its nature and uninhabited lands. Part of the country is located far North and offers unforgivable adventures to all ready to enjoy it. Glacier kayaking, Rockies Hiking, fishing, dogsledding and our favorite – hunting for the northern lights.

They can be best seen between November and March, as of 10 pm to 2 am. If you want to see them, we would like to advise you to go to the wild and less populated Yukon where you will also see the Canadian highest mountains and many glacier lakes.