Planning a Cross-Country Road Trip? Five Things To Do First

Cross-country road trips are usually unforgettable, and they are even more fun when you have most of it already all planned out in advance. Maybe you are thinking about relocating from one side of the country to another, or perhaps you just want to see all the places you have never been to before.

Whatever your reasons are, you want to make sure that you get the most of your trip. And what better way is there to avoid issues along the way than planning it all ahead? For your next road trip across the country, here are some useful tips to help guide you.

Plan and Map Your Route

To start, you need to plan the route to your destination. If you are traveling in a group, you would want to ensure that every member of that party is satisfied with the itinerary. So, you need to know what and where you all may want to see or visit along the way.

With this information, you can plan your trip around each site, finding the best route to and from each one. You may want to consider what roads and areas to avoid, too, especially if they have high traffic rates or if they are just not safe. Also, planning your route in advance can help you know the perfect stops for gas or charging, as well as the best spots for resting and refreshments.

Draw Out Your Budget (And Stick to It!)

Something you want to avoid is running out of money or spending more than you intend on your trip. Of course, there could be instances where you may spend money that you have not planned, but it shouldn’t be all through the trip.

Find out how much you need to spend and draw up a budget around it. Have an estimated amount for gas, tolls, food, snacks, and lodging. Then use a budget planner to sort and track them. You may want to add a little more for emergencies or unplanned situations.

Arrange Lodging Options Ahead

Road trips can be exhausting, especially when it is filled with so many fun activities. At the end of every day on your trip, you do not want to start looking for where to rest. Therefore, always make reservations for hotels or motels ahead of time. Book enough rooms so it will be sufficient for everybody in your travel party.

If you are planning to camp out for the night, make sure that you’ve made the necessary reservations for your camping spot. Remember that prime spots fill up early, so you want to reserve these spaces as fast as you can. Confirm your reservations a couple of days before your leave to be sure you still have them, and if you don’t, now you still have enough time to find new ones.

Get Your Vehicle In Shape

The last thing you want is to have vehicle issues on your trip, in the middle of nowhere. Whether it’s a car, a truck, a bus, or an RV – whatever vehicle that you are traveling in – you need to make sure that they are in top condition before you go.

If you have to service them, then do that before you head out. If you are driving a rental vehicle, ensure that it is in great shape before leaving. In addition, you want to make sure that your car battery, rear, and front lights, and every other necessary feature is working as it should.

Pack Wisely

Since you are on the road, you do not have the luxury of packing lots of items. Your luggage must be limited to stuff you really need. You do not want to weigh down your vehicle. Clothes can always be washed and dried every night and ready for the next day, so save space by reducing your travel wardrobe, and arranging them in ways that create space for other stuff.

Furthermore, you may use a packing list to ensure that you do not forget anything. Remember, you’re sticking to a budget, and forgetting stuff may mean that you will have to spend more money to buy a replacement. Furthermore, you should always pack a first aid kit, as you may need them for allergies or scrapes on the road.

Finally, you want to ensure that you pack enough photo storage options for all the numerous photos you will be taking on the trip. You do not want to be out of photo memories when you come across that unexpected site and attraction. And above all, make sure you have a wonderful time and make incredible memories along the way!