Poker History: How It Was

The Origin of Poker: Popular Beliefs

Doubtlessly, no one would argue that Poker is the most breathtaking and sought-after card game ever. Attentive travellers surely notice that whatever country they visit, whatever corner of the world they discover, there always can be found a poker table along with a group of enthusiasts. Moreover, there has been a massive explosion of enthusiasm for Poker in recent years, due to the rapid development of online games. A gigantic no deposit casino list at 777Spinslot portal contains literally hundreds of titles. Those who wish to know exact numbers may find them there, but for the sake of argument, let us say that they are so great that the superiority of Poker is just unquestionable.

So, where did it come from and what is the secret of its overwhelming popularity?

Poker History goes far back into the past

Well, it is known that a few card games similar to Poker were invented in China in the tenth century. Lovers of Chinese culture may know that there are reports, which claim that the Imperial Family members enjoyed various ‘domino-card’ games. The ancient Egyptians are also famous for the invention of several poker-like games, which have been quite popular among aristocrats.

However, despite the fact that these games have used hierarchical hand rankings and rounds of betting, they are too different from Poker we know and love. First games played with 52 card decks are known since 1377 – surely, these dates are very impressive. Different variations of card games with hierarchical hand rankings existed and evolved until the seventeenth century.

Next, there are records about a French game called ‘Porque’ along with another pretty interesting variation called ‘Pochen’, which means ‘brag’ or ‘bluff’. These games still contained a huge number of differences when comparing with modern poker rules. However, the title of our favourite game obviously takes origin from one of these card entertainments.

Poker – The Pinnacle of Evolution of Card Games

Poker, as we know it, was born in the USA in the first decades of the eighteenth century. The first mentions about poker date back to 1834. It was often played on Riverboats of Mississippi and thus quickly spread across the whole country. It rapidly became one of the world-known symbols of the Wild West period together with cowboy hats, brave sharpshooters and gallons of whisky. Then this illustrious game incorporated a few trends from Europe, such as a playable ‘Joker’ card and gave birth to modern forms of Poker. Nowadays, Poker is a game of millions, with hundreds of international tournaments and amateur competitions.

Another Poker revolution is closely connected with technological advances, which transformed it into an online game. A variety of online poker games is too great to be briefly discussed, thus, those who are interested in its evolution may read here about its modern variations.

Naturally, we do not know what the future holds for Poker, however, it is obvious that this game will never lose its popularity.