The best areas in New York City to Go Shopping

New York is known worldwide for its shopping but remember New York City is a big place. If you want the best of the best, here are some of the best areas in New York City to go shopping.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn
This notorious hipster hangout is a now a big draw for shoppers worldwide and it is only getting bigger. If you are looking for one of a kind vintage items or anything music related, Williamsburg has you covered. Though this Brooklyn neighborhood has changed over the past decade and you will now find more mainstream chain fashion stores, it still hasn’t lost touch with it’s roots. There are plenty of one of a kind, locally curated shopping gems to be found. So if you are looking for the best areas in New York City to go shopping, make sure Williamsburg is on your list.

Lower East Side, Manhattan
Best Places in New York to go shopping
Before there was Williamsburg, there was the Lower East Side. This original hipster neighborhood was home to beatniks and hippies, followed by punk rockers galore. Though much of its creativity has long since been priced out, Lower East Side is still home to some of New York’s best boutiques and art galleries. From the latest in high-end indie fashion to the store that fueled the CBGB craze of the 70’s, the Lower East Side has something for just about everyone. Located near Chinatown, which is a must for anyone looking for bargains or a truly unique item in New York. So if you want to shop while soaking in the historical glory of New York’s outsiders don’t forget to check out Manhattan’s Lower East Side the next time you go shopping in New York.

Fifth Avenue, Manhattan
If the grittiness of Lower East Side and Williamsburg have you yearning for more expensive tastes, then head towards the ever popular Fifth Avenue. This is the first stop from the airport for many NYC shop-crazy visitors. This prestigious shopping district is known worldwide for its high end fashion offerings. With hundreds of shops ranging from Prada to Gucci, if you have the money this is the place for you. Even if many of these shops are out of your budget, there is no harm in window shopping either. If you are traveling with kids (or if you are just a big kid yourself) make sure you visit the flagship FAO Schwarz, made famous by countless movies, including Home Alone! So whether high-end fashion is your thing or not, a visit to Fifth Avenue is definitely a must for any first time visitor to New York City.

While there are literally hundreds more areas in New York City to go shopping, these are definitely three of the best areas in New York City to go shopping and a perfect start to your New York City shopping extravaganza.