Things to think about when planning your international holiday schedule

So, you’ve decided that a trip overseas in on the cards. You’ve picked the country you want to go to, handed in your leave application to the bosses, booked your flights and started saving. As the number of nights of sleep reduces to less than 100, the time has come for you to start piecing together the details of your holiday. You want to make sure that you suck the marrow of life and make the most of the time you have overseas. But there is just so much that can be done and so many different options and directions that you can take. How do you put a schedule together that encompasses enough so you’re not living with FOMO when you’re on the plane getting ready to fly home? Here are some ways to narrow down your ideas.

Tastes and experiences

The things that appeal to us are where we will find ourselves visiting and exploring. Some people love history, others enjoy culture, or music or art. When we travel, we plan our trip and the places we go to and the routes we take based on what we enjoy the most. Food is a big part of experiential travels. You may enjoy whisky, so if you’re heading towards Japan, a Suntory whisky tasting tour or a trip to a whisky distillery may be prioritised.

Who do you know?

Even in the most unusual places, you may know someone who knows someone living in the vicinity, especially in a world that is far more connected through social media and global connectedness. Knowing people in the areas you travel is great because they will have local knowledge to offer you. They may even offer you to stay with them for a night or two which is a great way to save on costs and to enjoy some of the local cultures.

Recommendations from friends

You could easily put a post on social media letting your people know where you will be travelling, and you will likely have a nice thread of comments and suggestions from people who’ve travelled to that area before. If you are making use of a travel agent, they may have a list of places that come highly recommended. Otherwise, buy a good travel guide book and you will get some great ideas on where to go and what to do

The budget you have

A budget very much shapes the extent to which you can do certain activities. If experience is more important than luxury, then find ways to reduce the two most expensive parts of your travel which are transport and accommodation. If this is the case, then after roughing it for a few days, treat yourself to a nice place to stay. But, by reducing your travel and accommodation costs, you’ll be able to spend a little more on activities, destinations, food and so forth. What you want is possible, it is all about prioritising to make it a reality.