Tips for the 2017 Online Experience for Newbies  

Few indeed are those who have not had experience with going online. This article is not geared towards those with a vast amount of experience with the online world. We are gearing this for the relative novices, the ones who have just begun to explore the internet.

It can be imposing, sitting down with a laptop or at the desktop. Fear keeps many from enjoying the benefits that come with this digital age. So, we shall endeavor to lessen some of those fears.


Easily one of the fears that many new computer users have is all the talk of viruses. They avoid going online at all costs, as they have convinced themselves that one misstep will crash their computer.

Another common fear is the idea of creating your own website. This can be for personal or business reasons. When asked why, a frequent response is “It is too difficult, as I do not have any coding experience”.

Computer Protection Software

Nowadays, when we purchase a new computer the antivirus software is preloaded. However, this software is for a trial period of usually 30 days. What many new computer customers fail to recognize is the power of choice they have.

Simply because your new computer has a particular antivirus software downloaded on it does not mean that you should use their service. Often, a new software that is purchased has easy to follow instructions on how to uninstall the old software so it does not interfere with the new service provider.

How to choose the best software for your protection needs is not as difficult as you may make it out to be. Look for protection that is as inclusive as possible. For the novice computer user, a basic service should suffice.

The web is filled with “best antivirus protection reviews”, where they commonly list the “top 10” or so. You will find comprehensive analysis of the software’s protection, and the good news is that most of the basic offerings today are inclusive enough to cover beginners needs fully.

Website Design

Once the initial hurdles have been crossed, many people find the challenge of creating their own website inviting. Once again, they shudder at the thought due to the perceived difficulty. Perception is not reality.

Is cost a concern? Your lack of technical expertise? A host of free website builders are available which take what was once a tedious task better left for professional developers and turned it into an easy process that practically anyone can accomplish.

Once you get your website built, depending upon your needs, a look at search engine optimization tools will prove beneficial. This will increase traffic to your site.

Let’s assume you are involved in the aircraft industry. In your spare time, you have come up with a line of aircraft cylinders that will meet a need in the industry. The goal of SEO is to identify what words your target market will type into a search engine such as Google.

This way, once they type in “aircraft cylinders”, with a strong SEO campaign, your website will rank high.

Hopefully this has helped alleviate some of the fears that are associated with the online world for you.