Tips on Turning a Vacation Into Birthday Success

It is often the case that a family or couple’s vacation happens at the same time as someone’s birthday, giving you a great opportunity. Now, this may pose a few more challenges in terms of celebration than if you were back at home, but you can certainly still give them a day to remember. Now you may not be able to carry birthday banners and a roomful of birthday surprises, but you can still add some touches to your vacation which will make the birthday boy or girl feel extra special. 

Plan The Restaurant 

It is a great idea to take your partner or family member to a nice restaurant where they can celebrate their big day, just make sure that you plan in advance. This is not only to ensure that they have enough space for you upon arrival but also so they may be able to prepare something a little special. Most restaurants will be accommodating to those who have a birthday, perhaps offering a cake with birthday candles or a specially-made dessert. Letting them know in advance is critical to making sure that everything is just right. 

Throw Some Balloons in the Case

Whilst you may not be able to carry with you a huge amount of decorations, you can certainly take some birthday balloons with you as these travel very easily indeed. This is a great option as balloons weigh very little and you can blow them up the night before the big day to give someone a great surprise. 

Special Day 

We all have certain things which we want to do at the holiday destination, be it going to a water park, heading out to the local shops, or perhaps something more adventurous like horse riding or an ATV tour. A birthday provides you with the perfect day to do this, so be sure that you set it aside for a really special event. This can be a surprise if you are able to plan it as such, or you can simply loop in your partner or loved one so that they know just how they are going to spend their day. 

Beach Picnic

Creating a special birthday is all about working with what you’ve got. If for example, you are on vacation at a beach resort, getting up early and purchasing some supplies for a beautiful beach picnic is a great way to mark this special day. You could even enlist the support of staff at the hotel, who can help you to get all the bits and pieces you need for a great picnic. 

Playing it Down

Remember that if you are going to plan something as a surprise, it helps to play it all down in the days leading up to the big birthday. Brushing off birthday plans as though it’ll just be another day of your vacation may sound a little cruel, but it will be well worth it when you deliver the big surprise. 

This is how to make a vacation birthday special.