Ukraine:10 non-touristy attractions

There are so many activities to do in Ukraine and tempting places to see. But let’s dwell on Ukraine’s 10 non-touristy attractions. Be ready to discover something unforgettable and magnific during your next trip.

  1. Turn back the hands of time at Khotyn Fortress

The Khotyn Fortress was built in 1325 and located on the bank of the Dniester River. An unforgettable experience and sneak peak into what Ukraine of cossacks used to be are guaranteed.

2. Uncover the secrets in the Chernobyl area

The exclusion zone for Chernobyl is a two-hour drive from the Kyiv. There is not open access for visitors due to the accident, but organized tours are still carried out. It’s a day trip, so take a look at the Premier Palace Hotel and let your journey will be comfortable and unforgettable.

3. Explore the Mezhyhirya

Mezhyhirya is the residence of the ex-president of Ukraine. Being an admirer of extra comfortable living, he surrounded himself only with the most rare objects. Nowadays, a museum with yacht club, hunting grounds and restaurants is opened for everyone.

4. Touch nature in Dzembronya

Dzembronya is located in a hollow and the amazing mountains around are towering. Without exaggeration, this is one of the most beautiful mountain villages in country. In Dzembronya you can fully enjoy the special atmosphere of the Carpathian.

5. Visit the Vilkovo

Odessa region is famous for incredible places. The town is located on the islands in the river bed of the Danube and stands on the water. Vilkovo is called Ukrainian Venice, and you can ride on boats through the canals by agreeing with locals.

6. Have fun at Leopolis Jazz Festival

5 days a year Lviv is being immersed in the atmosphere of jazz. Let yourself go to the jazz music at one of the best European festivals. If you stay at the Premier Hotel Dnister throughout the festival, you will live in the heart of the city, nearby to all main locations.

7. Stay at Kamianets-Podilskyi fortress

Kamianets-Podilskyi is a pearl among other ancient cities of Ukraine. One of the most important sights is the majestic fortress. Don’t miss your chance to see many old churches with unique architecture and ornaments.

8. To admire the picturesque beauty of Synevyr Lake

The largest lake in the Carpathians, Synevyr attracts at any time of the year. Neatly tucked amongst the vast hundred-year-old forests, the lake has preserved its natural beauty for a thousand years.

9. Explore Askania Nova Reserve

You will never forget a trip to the Askania Nova Reserve. It’s one of the largest biosphere reserves in Europe and a real outdoor museum. It’s also a day trip, so you can relax after a grueling excursion in a luxurious Premier Compass Hotel Kherson.

10. See the fantastic garden in blooming Uzhgorod

Uzhgorod is one of the greenest cities in the country. If you visit this city during the period from April to early May, you will find the streets decorated with flowering trees. spread an exciting scent, turning the city into a fantastic garden.