Weekend Attractions in Amsterdam You Must Not Miss

Sailing the canals is one of the top Weekend Attractions in Amsterdam ... Photo by CC user Diliff on wikimedia commons

Photo by CC user Diliff on wikimedia commons

Amsterdam has never lost its charm despite its age-old cultural heritage and millions of tourists every year. Amsterdam is a perfect blend of modernization with art & cultural districts, which is a unique that is hard to find elsewhere in Europe. Despite the red light district, there are several other attractions which become even livelier during weekends. In this article, we will explain these weekend attractions in Amsterdam that you must not miss.

Here is the list of few weekend attractions in Amsterdam:

  1. Exploring canal rings of Amsterdam: Amsterdam is made up of canals, streets, and sidewalk cafes. The most convenient way to explore the Amsterdam city on weekends is through boats. While exploring through canals, it will provide you a picturesque view of the city. You can board a tourist cruise or rent a boat for yourself. You can also opt for a houseboat to see and feel the real beauty of the city. So, stay on a houseboat during your next stay in Amsterdam to enjoy this city.

  2. Visiting Rijksmuseum: There are many museums in Amsterdam. Rijksmuseum is one of the most popular and the largest museums among them. This museum is a home of Dutch masterpiece paintings from the 17th century. “The Night watch” by Rembrandt held in this museum with several other celebrated paintings.

  3. Visiting Het Scheepvaart Museum: This is the national maritime museum of the Netherlands and explains the history and culture of the country. Here you will find painting, ship models, maps, and an original 17th-century sail ship. In this museum, you will be acknowledged about how Netherland became the greatest sea power in ancient times.

  4. Van Gogh Museum: This is the museum that consists of paintings of Van Gogh and his friends and other celebrated contemporary artists. It consists of the largest collection of paintings and sketches.

  5. The secret garden Begijnhof: this secret garden was once the sanctuary of Beguine sisterhood. It is surrounded by old houses occupied by elderly single women. This garden is so enchanting that you will love to visit it on the weekend.

  6. Oude Kerk: This is a church situated in the Red light district of Amsterdam. It is an attraction to visit in Amsterdam because of its gothic look. If you are an adult, a weekend evening walk might prove to be interesting for you.

  7. Relax at Amsterdam Brown Cafe: If you got tired of exploring whole day at Amsterdam then you can relax at this old cafe of Amsterdam knows as brown. You can enjoy a cafe or a pint of beer with the friendly locals of Amsterdam. It might seem to be a crowded at first, but you will surely enjoy the ambience.

  8. Enjoy the nightlife on the weekend: the last thing to do on the weekend is enjoy the nightlife of Amsterdam. Drinks, music, and dance; that is what it’s all about.

All of these places organize events and occasions at the weekend. Whole of the Amsterdam seems to be a party destination. If you are planning to go to Amsterdam and want to know more, then you can use our comment box below.