5 Great Activities for Adult Friends

When you were a kid, making and keeping friendships was easy. As an adult, most people have only 3 to 5 close friends and don’t get to spend much time with any of them. That’s why it’s so important to find things that you can do and enjoy together.

What are some fun activities you can do with your adult friends? Check out the list below for 5 ideas.

1. Play Video or Board Games

Games are good for all ages. We’re past the era of thinking that games are for children alone. Playing video games with online multiplayer or getting together with board games or tabletop RPGs is a great way to spend a night with friends.

2. Go for Drinks (But Make It Classy)

If you and your adult friends love booze but don’t love the hangover that comes with pub-crawling or going to the club, consider heading out for drinks in a different way. Check out local breweries or consider going on wine tours to sample local alcoholic drinks.

3. Host a Dinner Party

Another awesome, fun for adults way to get together is to host a dinner party. It can be a potluck, or you can do something remote if you live away from your pals. Bonus points if you turn it into an Iron Chef or a Chopped night, so you have to use the stuff that’s taking up space in your pantry or fridge.

Plus, if someone else is hosting, you can enjoy free food. And what’s better than that?

4. Have a Cleaning/Organizing Party

Chores don’t exactly sound like fun activities but hear us out. As adults, we all have areas of our life that get left to the wayside. Places that should get cleaned and decluttered, but don’t.

You can turn this otherwise un-fun chore into a real highlight when you get friends involved. Everyone in the friend group can help everyone else clean out that one place that needs cleaning, joking and laughing about the mess the whole time. It gets the work done and makes it a great bonding experience.

5. Take Classes Together

If you can swing attending the local wine painting classes, those are always a great investment for fun with friends. However, there are tons of classes for all kinds of skills available for free online. Classes that you and your friends could take together and share the results of without having to spend a fortune.

You’ll learn something new together, and if it’s something artsy, you may walk away with new pieces of home decor.

Looking for More Group Activities for Adult Friends?

Finding group activities meant for busy adults can feel impossible. Coordinating schedules with your adult friends can be a nightmarish experience. However, playing games, taking classes, eating food, and getting your places cleaned up together can be an incredible bonding experience.

Did you find these ideas for fun group activities interesting? Would you like more ideas for things you can do with your adult friends? If so, then check out the Lifestyle section of our blog today for more articles like this one.