The Best Places to Vacation in Costa Rica

The Central American country of Costa Rica is a truly amazing place to visit, the country is covered with beautiful beaches, a vast and rugged rainforest, volcano’s and bustling cities. Costa Rica is well-known for it’s large variety of wildlife, it’s incredible bio-diversity and for it’s environmentally conscious infrastructure. There are countless fantastic destinations to visit ono a stay in this little country and here are our top places that you should consider on a vacation here.


Arenal Volcano

This monstrous volcano sits 90km north of Costa Rica’s capital city San Jose and is a must-visit place to spend some of your vacation time. This active volcano is not only impressive on the eye, but it’s surrounding areas and the National Park is filled with locations of fun and adventure. On a visit to Arenal you can head to the the glorious hot springs in Tabacon, take a river rafting tour in La Fortuna, trek or rappel through the thick rainforest canopy and see some incredible wildlife.


Costa Rica brings in an incredible amount of tourism and unfortunately, at times, some of the vacation hot-spots can be crowded and leaving you in need of an escape. Look no further the, than Nosara, a small village on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast, this quaint, colonial town will not only give you a the perfect glimpse into the true Costa Rica, but it also possesses some of the country’s most beautiful and relaxing beaches. Nosara has been relatively popular to tourists for surfing and yoga, the village is tranquil and filled with local shops mixed with organic cafes and friendly people. For a calming getaway in a beach village surrounded by nature and crystal clear sea then Nosara is the place you should be heading.


Guanacaste is a town on Costa Rica’s North-Western coast and makes for one of the most beautiful places to visit in the country. The town is surrounded by vast parkland and a tropical forest and is well known for it’s amazing diving locations and water sports because of the calm waters on it’s coast. The town receives a lot of tourism but not the point of it being overcrowded and there is plenty of available accommodation here from private rentals to well-designed hotels. The Four Seasons costa rica in Guanacaste is a beautiful place to enjoy your stay, built on the coastline with many rooms that offer amazing views of the bay and luxury service provided throughout, a great place to enjoy this wonderful town.

San Jose

Whilst there are many  vacation packages to costa rica to see the natural and adventurous side of the country, a visit to the capital shouldn’t be missed. The city sits in a valley in-between mountains and volcano’s, as a result of the healthy tourist industry the city is very developed, with strong infrastructure, big business investment, hotels aplenty and also some beautifully preserved historical buildings. Alongside the Starbucks’ and McDonalds’ in San Jose is some wonderful colonial architecture and great museums such as the pre-Colombian Gold museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art. The city is a great jumping off point to many of Costa Rica’s attractions and you should most certainly spend some time here on your Costa Rica vacation.