5 Group Getaways Near Toronto

The surrounding nature around Toronto is breathtaking, and it’s always amazing to experience it with friends and family. Ontario is quite big and there are a lot of things to see. And since group transportation is always a challenge, your group might want to consider a private school bus rental. That way, everyone can arrive together, safely, and on time, and a professional driver can worry about traffic, directions, and parking.

Taboo Resort

This resort is ideal for those that don’t want to travel long from Toronto but still want to be treated to idyllic beauty. Taboo Resort is located just two hours away from the city on the gorgeous Lake Muskoka. It offers excellent spa services, golf courses, and delicious meals to die for. The resort has plenty of rooms, too, and many of them offer views of the lake. Besides the hot tubs and private balconies, Taboo Resort even has a BBQ area, which is always perfect for larger groups that want to have a special event.

St. Anne’s Spa

One of the most unique and romantic getaways from Toronto, St. Anne’s Spa feels like an Old World treat. The Main Inn is the center of the establishment which is surrounded by very lovely cottages with an extra charming appeal. It’s also surrounded by 400 acres of breathtaking scenery, and it’s an extremely relaxing and tranquil spot. Its spa facilities are very nice to use and coupled with the already stunning environment, St. Anne’s Spa is the perfect getaway for a group that just looks for a place to relax.

Grail Springs Wellness Retreat

If you were looking for a spot near Toronto where you can intimately connect to nature, then Grail Springs is the place for you. It’s located in Bancroft, and all around the resort is an enchanting forest. If that wasn’t enough, then it also has meditating gardens and a lake, where you can go for a spot of canoeing in summer. The retreat has a lot of options for accommodations, and groups are especially welcome here because Grail Springs is significantly focused on group activities. Things like yoga, hiking, meditating, and horseback riding are constant activities, and after a long day of experiencing nature, you can relax in a spa. It’s a family retreat with many options for everything, and it’s one of the best near Toronto.

Ontario Parks

Ontario has a lot of provincial parks near Toronto, and the best thing about them is that they’re entirely affordable. Not every group excursion needs to happen to an all-inclusive resort. Some of the best day trips can happen on a natural spot like Ontario’s parks, where you can spend the entire day in nature and not get enough. While there aren’t a lot of options for accommodations, and they aren’t too luxurious, the available yurts are more than decent. They’re very well-equipped and can house several people, which is ideal if you want an affordable option.

Blue Mountain Resort

One of the most diverse options near Toronto, the Blue Mountain Resort is a heaven for both kids and grownups. Besides the large and varied options for accommodations, you’ll be surrounded by stunning nature and a lot of restaurants and shops. Those are located in the pedestrian village, where other groups of people tend to gather for the same reason as you. To get away from the busy life, and to enjoy a relaxing trip in the mountains. Blue Mountain Resort is quite well-known for its relaxing spas, and numerous activities, like golf, tennis, hiking, and skiing.

Ontario is considered an excellent place to explore with your close ones. There are numerous spots to visit as a group, and each one is better than the last.