5 Incredible Things You Need to Do When You Visit Uganda


Did you know that $1.2 billion in tourism dollars was spent in Uganda in 2019? Now that the world is slowly recovering from COVID, tourists may be considering where they want their next big vacation to be.

A Ugandan vacation can offer several wonderful options that tourists will enjoy. So, what are the best options in the country?

These are five things that you should consider for visiting Uganda.

1. The Ugandan Equator

One thing to consider if you are going for a more gimmicky attraction is to check out the Ugandan equator. It is one of a handful of countries in the world where you can put one foot on each side of the equator.

People who like posing for pictures will get a kick out of this attraction with the sign ready to go for photos. The equator is located in Kayabwe, and it is something that can be a cool experience for those that like to try and be in two places at once.

2. Ugandan Safari

Another great option for tourists is to experience Uganda Safari Tour. One of the best places in the country to do this is in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

There, you can see nearly 100 different types of animals and discover wildlife in a wide-open space. It is highly recommended for nature lovers and those that like to spend overnights in the great outdoors.

3. Gorilla Trekking

One big reason why people go to Uganda is to discover the rare types of gorillas in this part of the world. An example would be the mountain gorilla, which is only here, in Rwanda, and in Congo.

Most of the time, these gorillas are in protected areas of the country, so it may require a little more planning for a tourist that wants to experience this.

4. Find Rhinos

As one of the more endangered species on this list, rhinos can be a very rewarding animal to discover in their own natural habitat. However, because of the threat of poaching, most of these rhinos live in sanctuaries rather than the national parks.

5. Murchison Falls

Finally, for those that like natural beauty in their vacation destinations, one of the better options in Uganda is Murchison Falls. It became a national park in the country back in 1952, so it is currently celebrating its 70th anniversary with that distinction.

However, the beauty of the falls is not the only thing that you will find in this park. There are also other animals here, such as giraffes and hundreds of different types of birds. Bird watchers will be in their glory here, trying to discover as many as they can find.

Book Your Uganda Vacation

These are just five of the rewarding activities that you can do in Uganda. If you are sold on one or more of these activities, start planning your trip to Uganda today for a once in a lifetime experience.

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