How to Schedule a Ride to the Airport (No Matter How Early You Need One)


Living near an airport is pretty awful. The noise from airplanes landing and taking off every few minutes ruins your peace of mind.

But when it’s time to board a flight for yourself, living close to an airport is extremely convenient.

Most people live within driving distance. Half of the US lives within 17 miles of a medium to large-sized airport, while 90% live within an hour of an airport.

While that’s doable if you drive yourself to the airport, it becomes difficult when you need a ride to airport terminals.

Whether you are traveling for work or vacation, leaving your car at the airport can cost some serious dough. So how can you get a cheap ride to the airport at any time of the day? Keep reading below to find out now.

Most Common Reasons for Hitching a Ride

For many people, getting to the airport is simple. You either drive yourself, take a bus or train, or have a family member drop you off.

But it’s not that simple for many people. For example, if you live an hour away from the airport, your family member has to spend four hours dropping you off and picking you up. That’s a pretty steep favor.

Many people would drive themselves and leave their car in an airport parking lot. But families with only one vehicle can’t do this, as the other parent might still require the car.

Lastly, those who are traveling and currently visiting a city where they don’t live are most in need. Getting around a large city can be easy to do without renting a car. But getting back to the airport can be problematic.

That’s where ride-sharing services and airport pickup shuttles come into play.

Ride-Sharing Services

“I need a ride to the airport.”

In 2022, the first thing that means is opening your preferred ridesharing apps, such as Uber or Lyft. However, these only work for some people. They generally only serve the main metropolitan area surrounding an airport.

If you live far beyond the city limits, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to get a ride from your home.

If you do live in the surrounding city, then this is probably your most affordable option, especially if you can share a ride with other travelers.

The problem is that service can fluctuate. During busy periods, when everyone is trying to get to the airport, driver availability may be slim. In these instances, the price per ride can shoot up in a moment.

Also, you’ll have a mixed experience regarding the scheduling function. If you have to leave early for the airport, scheduling a ride ahead of time might mean paying extra.

If you wait until the morning of your flight, you might be able to find a normal-priced driver ready to serve you. Sometimes using these services is a gamble.

Ride to Airport Terminals on the Bus

Unless you live in New York City, Washington DC, or Chicago, you’ll probably loathe the idea of riding on a public bus. But when you think about it, airplane buses are much different than city ones.

If you live on or near a bus line, it can be one of the most reliable ways to get to the airport. Buses are rarely late, and they operate all day long.

The only problem is that they are slow. Because they have to make so many stops along the way, it’s much slower than driving directly to the airport.

Still, a bus ticket will be much cheaper than an Uber plus a tip for the driver.

Many public transit systems will service airports directly. Others will have a stop or station near the airport, where you can then walk or take a free airport shuttle from there.

Fixed Route Shuttles

In many areas around the US, you’ll find fixed-route shuttles. These shuttles will drive the same route, connecting multiple cities along the way with a major airport.

For example, Groome Transportation operates service lines around many major airports such as the Atlanta airport. They have multiple routes that connect with the Atlanta airport from multiple cities across the state.

You can book an airport shuttle that takes you from the Nashville Airport to Atlanta, or from Chattanooga to Atlanta (and vice versa).

You can also use private shuttle companies for some airports.

Pricing is affordable, but shuttle vans are small. While comfortable, you may spend a few hours sitting close to strangers. But since you’re about to get on an airplane, you probably won’t mind.

Shuttles run throughout the day and with their earliest trip, you should be able to reach an airport before rush hour.

Chauffeur Services

Want to be a little more comfortable while you travel to the airport? Or do you have guests or clients that you need to transport along with you?

Then booking a chauffeur service, such as the airport transportation offered by, you can enjoy a private, comfortable ride based on your schedule.

These rides are customizable and unique. You’ll be the only passenger(s) in the shuttle. And based on how many people are traveling with you, you can select different types of vehicles.

These types of services can pick you up at any location, such as your home, hotel, or workplace. And they can accommodate any timeframes you have. So if you need a ride to the airport at 4:00 AM, this is one of the best ways to guarantee an on-time driver.

Chauffeur services usually have add-ons you can include such as a VIP airport greeter that meets you at baggage claim. No more wandering around the airport looking for your ride to your hotel.

Find a Ride to the Airport Near Me

Wherever you live, and whatever airport you need a ride to, there will be at least a few options for getting there. For some people that live far away from the sprawl of a big city, it’s probably going to be expensive to get a ride to airport terminals.

But that’s just one of the prices you pay for all the solitude and wide-open space of the countryside.

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