6 Things to do in Portugal

Have you once visited Portugal? What do you know about Portugal? If you haven’t visited the country, then get prepared for a visit, there is a lot of fun to enjoy. Visit ewritingservice.com for more information on different countries and all kinds of geography help. Portugal is mostly associated with beaches, beautiful weather, and good food by most people in Europe. Well, our recent trip to the place may change this narrative. We had a lot of other fun things contrary to what most people know. The article has documented six of them, which are family-friendly, and you will enjoy them.

Ride a tuk-tuk

The ride a Tuk-Tuk is just among the many means of transport available in Portugal. The experience is exciting, but ensure you negotiate the trip and the rate in advance. Allow the kids to experience a variety of transport means since the more varied the merrier for them. They can try more but not limited to:

  • Ride a historic tram in Lisbon or Porto
  • Ride a Gondola in Porto
  • Book for the kids a sailing cruise in Lisbon

Visit the local market and buy a Portuguese Hat

The market centers in Portugal are tremendous, and most will live you speechless, especially local seafood in Costa Nova. Apart from its colorful nature, plenty of seafood will leave you amazed, not to mention the hundreds of eels, purchased while still alive.

Among the lots of good things in the market, a Portugal hat must be among the souvenirs you will get from your trip. The Hat not only protects the kids from the sun but also make their vacation pictures look more stylish.

Explore the gardens of Quinta de Regalara in Sintra

You cannot miss visiting this castle as the kids will fall in love with its terrace. They will have a lot of fun walking in the secret tunnels, jump over stones, climbing the spiral staircase of 27m deep as well as explore the hidden passageways. You can also visit the colorful Disney Castle-Pena Palace. Its real-life Disney look will leave the kids overwhelmed.

Walk the City Walls of Obidos and discover fantastic viewpoints

Obidos is a small medieval walled town, an hour north of Lisbon. A walk in this town will leave you with an unforgettable experience. Visit the old tower and climb staircases to get a better view of Portugal.

Explore Porto by night

If the kids can stay up late, then don’t hesitate to explore the Cais da Ribeira Waterfront area. The incredible views, the great atmosphere, the family-friendly restaurants to try on new culinary, and the lots of street performers is breath-taking. You will fall in love with it. There will also be an opportunity to try on the local food like custard cakes and pastries de Nata.

Get lost in the most beautiful forest of Portugal-Mata Nacional do Bucaco

Find an ancient forest with fascinating things to explore, starting with nature, history, and the off beaten paths destinations. Couple it up with visiting Grutas de Mira de Aire caves where you are Descending 110m below, and exploring more than 600m underground chambers is exciting. The picnic will form part of your Portugal memories.

The hidden treasures in Portugal should be the reason you put it in the bucket list. Contrary to what most people know about it, the country has a lot of fun things to offer that are family-friendly that one can only experience when they visit. The many right places to explore, the different types of their foods, and the activities will be one of the best experiences one has ever heard. Don’t hesitate to visit Portugal as you are not going to regret it.