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6 Techniques to Improve Your Winter Journey

If you’re dashing through the snow this winter, you have to put safety first. It might be time to trade in your old clunker for a new Hyundai SUV. They’re designed to navigate in chilly conditions and give you the…

winter activities

5 Awesome Winter Activities to try this Year

Yes it’s winter and its jolly cold out there! But since we are here we might as well make the most of it. While wrapping up nice and warm getting cozy next to the fire is a nice way to…

4 Reasons You Should Visit Australia in Wintertime

In a recent Google survey of Australian attitudes to winter, 63% of the 1,500 people asked admitted to feeling ‘down’ in the winter compared with during Summer and 26% of them confessed that the colder weather was what brought them…

Best Winter City

The Nicest Cities in The World to Visit in Winter

Many people choose to head for the tropics during the winter and I can’t say a blame them. I would love to spend the winter months on a beach in Hawaii, relaxing in Hawaii beach homes under the warm sun….