The Best E-Cig for Traveling

If you’re a smoker then you will be more than well aware that traveling can be tough on you as more and more places become smoke-free. Airports, trains, planes, busses and stations around the World have clamped down on indoor smoking and in many cases you are left to wait in places where you simply can’t pop out for a smoke. Thankfully for the smokers, e-cigs came along and they help not only those who smoke to get their fix indoors, but have also encouraged many to convert from cigarettes to e-cigs. If you haven’t seen e-cigs, they are vaporizers that you inhale, it gives your body nicotine and it re-creates the act of smoking as you blow the water vapor out as steam. E-cigs are the ultimate answer to travelers who need a nicotine fix and here is a list of the top e-cigarettes for traveling.


One of the top selling e-cigs on the market, this pen-like designed e-cigarette is small and handy for travelers, the liquid that you use to put inside lasts far longer than many others on the market which mean that in many cases you won’t have to pack liquid with you to top it up on your journey. The vaping liquid is one of the highest quality on the market and it comes in plenty of different flavors from Blueberry Waffle to Apple Tart. A great e-cig for travelers.

South Beach Smoke

These e-cigs are shaped and designed exactly like a cigarette, they are small enough to fit into your pocket and they come in both re-chargeable and disposable versions. For those who want the closest experience possible to smoking a real cigarette then this is the answer. Better still for travelers is that the rechargeable version can be charged via USB, this means that you can plug it into your laptop to charge it up, many modes of transport, airports and stations also have USB ports so you can charge the e-cig up wherever you like without needing to carry around a chunky plug.


If you are intending to pack super light for your journey then this is the e-cig for you, it is slim, sleek and extremely light and even with such a design, the quality of the vaping is maintained. The liquids for this novel-shaped e-cig come in 5 flavors Bruulé, Fruut, Miint, Tabaac and Coco Miint and the liquid lasts for a surprisingly long time when you consider the size of the cigarette. There is a small button to press when you vape and there are handy lights to tell you when you need to recharge, something which simply needs a USB port to do so. This is a cool and handy e-cig that is perfect for travelers.

So there you have it, our top 3 e-cigs for your travels, no longer will you have to find alternative things to do when you are craving for a smoke and it simply isn’t possible. Make sure you plan well for your journey and buy one of these excellent e-cigarettes to make it all go that little bit smoother and completely stress-free.