Best Mountain getaways for Christmastime

The holiday season is here, and after the happenings of the last two years, everyone deserves a break. Christmas is the best time to get away and have a fun time while ignoring the rest of the world. One of the best ways to make the most of this holiday season is to go to the mountains and recharge. You can escape the noise and polluted air of the city by going into the mountains. Recharge yourself in a cozy Christmas cabin individually or with the family. The views are usually incredible and picturesque. A getaway trip to the mountains is an experience strung with non-stop adventures. It is the perfect way to refresh and reenergize your mind and body for the year ahead.

  • Colorado Springs, Colorado; Family fun time, music, ice skating, snowboarding, new people, and lots of space to play around. Colorado Springs is a popular yet thrifty choice for people looking to escape into the mountains. Originally called Little London, Colorado Springs is now home to the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee Headquarters. It is also home to the Olympic and Paralympic Museum. These landmarks gave rise to the new nickname, the Olympic City.
  • Stowe, Vermont; Just at the foot of Mount Mansfield lies a cute little city called Stowe in Northern Vermont. There is a storied Stowe Mountain resort there that has been in existence since the 7th of February 1932. If you love or want to ski, this is the place for you. The scenic views are packaged into a very homely town, and the result is a beautiful experience for families.
  • Yellowstone National Park; If you are looking for the perfect scenic and romantic getaway, feast your eyes on the leading National Park of the USA, Yellowstone National Park. The Wyoming-based park is filled with experiences, adventures, and light-hearted fun. There’s also wildlife to interact with. You can take horse rides and go sleighing too. Yellow stone is popularly and recurringly referenced as the best park in the US on Comedy Central’s cartoon Brickleberry. It is a show about a national park that fails woefully at keeping up with the park service at Yellowstone.
  • Blue Ridge Mountains, Georgia; Blue Ridge is a serene little mountain town in Georgia, and if you are looking for a mellow yet exciting getaway, this is it! The area is also known for its pure mineral water that led to its establishment as a health resort. Blue Ridge has evolved into more. There are unique, homely restaurants, aesthetic local galleries, and iconic railways. Interestingly, Blue Ridge is also a railroad town.
  • Highlands, North Carolina; This place is warm and charming. Highlands is a homely and exciting experience. The candor of the town is unique, and there are several activities to engage in. You can go hiking, visit waterfalls, go fly fishing, do some interesting shopping, and dine at unique restaurants. It is quite a holiday experience.

The Mountain Experience

Getting away into the mountains is one of the most relaxing and recharging experiences you can undertake. It will refresh your body, mind, and spirits. Friends and family will even notice something different about you (that holiday glow). A trip to the mountains will help you prepare yourself for the new year. You can take the chance to map out plans for the year ahead with a clear head. Lastly, the mountain experience will give you memories that will live with you forever. And what is life without great memories?