The Best Places in the UK for a Luxurious Autumnal Break

New England might be famous for its stunning autumn scenery, but did you know there’s quite a few parts of the UK which actually rival it?

If you’re looking to enjoy a luxurious autumnal break, you don’t need to jet off to America or Europe. Instead, you could head to any of the UK destinations listed below.

Loch Lomond

Since 2002, Loch Lomond has benefitted from a protected status, largely thanks to the Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park. However, if you want to witness autumn in all of its colourful glory, you’ll want to head to the Great Trossachs Forest National Nature Reserve. There you’ll witness extraordinary Western Atlantic Oaks, clustered together for a truly breath-taking scene.

National Arboretum, Gloucestershire

At 600 acres, the National Arboretum situated in Westonbirt, really comes alive during the winter months. What’s incredible about this place, is that it boasts a huge selection of different trees.

In autumn, you’ll witness the stunning red coloured leaves from the Japanese maples, along with bladdernut, lime, walnut and other maple trees. There’s even woodland which dates back as far as the 1920’s and more than 1000 different species of Fungi. It’s a great family attraction which is exceptionally stunning in autumn. So, if you’re planning on enjoying a luxurious autumn break in the South West, this is definitely a place to consider visiting.

Longleat Forest

Featuring dramatic Giant redwoods, Longleat forest is one of Centreparc’s most beautiful villages. It’s practically covered by trees which look absolutely striking in autumn. This is one of the best places to head to if you’re looking for a family getaway. There’s plenty of entertainment and you’ll really feel at one with nature throughout your stay.

Sherwood Forest

Made famous because of Robin Hood, Sherwood Forest is a magical place to visit during the autumn. It contains a staggering 900 oak trees; one of which is an impressive 800 years old! There’s a few walks you can partake in while you’re there and you could even pop to Clumber Park, which is really nearby. It boasts the longest lime tree avenue in the country, stretching for two miles.

Overall, the UK has plenty of fantastic places you can enjoy a luxury autumn trip. The above are just a selection of some of the most beautiful. It just goes to show, you don’t have to travel far to experience autumn in all of its beautiful glory.