How You Can Make Your Holiday to Israel even More Memorable

Israel has a long and extremely interesting history, as we all know. The place is laden with historic and cultural sites, and its prominence stretches back for centuries. It has played a tremendous role in the shaping of different beliefs and religions, and it continues to be an amazing location, not just because of its historical and cultural significance, but also because of its natural beauty. If you’re planning to visit Israel, you may already have an idea of what sights to see and the interesting experiences it offers, such as the Dead Sea and the story of Masada – but if you really want your trip to Israel to be a lot more memorable, here’s what you shouldn’t miss.

Try out the food

The food in Israel is extremely tasty and flavourful, and everywhere you go, you will be faced with hummus – in fact, expect to be served hummus at almost every meal! But don’t be afraid to try out the food – you certainly won’t regret it. The food is one other thing that makes a visit to Israel extra memorable. And one other pleasant aspect about eating in Israel is this – the locals share food. The concept of sharing food is a standard, and you’ll often see a good number of small dishes on the dining table for everyone to partake of.

Explore Tel Aviv at night

If you’re visiting Israel, your trip wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Tel Aviv as well. If Jerusalem is the religious capital, Tel Aviv is the nightlife capital. The city is a bevy of activity at night, so make it a point to explore Tel Aviv at night, with its many bars and nightclubs which are bustling with people.

Experience Bedouin culture

If you go to the southern portion of Israel, you will be greeted with the vast expanse of the Negev Desert. And if you want to experience a different vibe on your holiday to Israel, you should spend a night or two at a desert oasis; this is where you can really get to know the fascinating Bedouin culture.

Spend a few days at the Dead Sea

Did you know that the Dead Sea is the lowest place or point on earth? Aside from this, the Dead Sea is known for its saltiness, and due to its high salt content, everyone who swims in it floats. There are many beaches scattered along the Dead Sea, and taking a dip in this sea can even bring a number of health benefits, particularly for the skin. Whilst you’re at the Dead Sea, it would be a shame not to visit the ruins of Masada, with its majestic views overlooking the Dead Sea; the fact that it was the site of a particularly famous siege is something that should make you want to see the historic site even more.


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