The world is an amazing place to explore; from varying weather conditions to landscapes that are continually changing, we are spoiled for choice. For these reasons and many more, you may often find yourself researching random destinations in hopes of holiday inspiration.

However, idly researching is never a good idea, instead you should take the steps below to ensure you time is put to good use and your next holiday meets the requirements of you and your party.

Create a checklist

Start by creating a checklist that highlights the requirements of the trip, an example is below

  1. Family friendly
  2. Relaxing
  3. Nightlife activities
  4. Kids club

This list will help guide your research and rule out any unsuitable hotels or locations. You may also find your list of destinations starts to reduce due to many places targeting a particular type of traveller.

Having a list is all well and good, but where should you start your search? This is our next step.

Where to Research

Nowadays everyone heads online to find inspiration and as much as this is a great place to start, you can be bombarded with details of distant lands. Another option is to ask the experts, whether you’re looking for a luxury holiday or something budget there are travel agents for everyone.

Travel agents are also great for on the ground information, as many of them will have experienced the destination, which can be a big help for you and completing that checklist. On occasion, you can also pass the checklist to the agent who will complete the search for you – job done!

Although, if you are someone who wants a little more information you can always visit trip advisor or another rating website to ensure the accommodation and location is right for you.

Once the research is complete it’s time to start securing that holiday, but at the right price.

The Price

This is a difficult question… what is the right price?

Well, this is determined by you as it’s about value and what you perceive as being right for what you are searching for.

For example, if you want a 5* villa in the South of France you will expect to pay more than a 3* hotel in Benidorm.

All you can do is search the market for the best service and product and make the decision for yourself as to whether it is value for money.

More Inspiration

In you are looking for more inspiration then take a look through some of our other posts which are full of insightful details, but remember it’s your trip and it’s important you #TravelYourWay