Five great expat apps

There are many great expat apps that will help you adjust to life abroad

Photo by CC user JESHOOTS on Pixabay

Every expat encounters problems, from finding their way around to picking up the language. Luckily for those who relocate abroad, there is a wealth of great expat apps that will take the hassle out of the experience.


Unsurprisingly, the language barrier is one of the biggest challenges facing expats when they make the big move abroad.

For many of us, picking up a new language is a long and difficult journey, but DuoLingo certainly makes the process a lot easier.

With a simple, easy to use interface and accessible short “lessons”, it has helped to change the way people pick access new languages.


While most people turn to Google Maps (or Apple Maps if they’re feeling brave) for directions, Citymapper offers users a much more comprehensive set of directions.

With travel times, cycle lanes and even Uber integration all inbuilt, and over 30 major cities available, Citymapper gives users a superior experience over its rivals.

For those living in one of the 30 hosted cities, it really is a must have.

Lottoland App

Lotteries are the most popular form of gambling on Earth, and many expats miss being able to play their favourite draws because of the location restrictions that are placed on taking part.

Lottoland allow players to enter the world’s biggest lottery jackpots regardless of where they are, allowing expats to play their old favourites regardless of where they have decided to start their new lives.

Google Translate

If you haven’t had time to get properly stuck into DuoLingo, or need help with a word of phrase, Google Translate is the go-to option for translations.

With dozens of languages on offer, you can translate a word or phrase to and from your language in seconds.

That’s not all, the inbuilt camera function allows you to hold your phone up to a sign, menu or label and it will translate it right there.

Around Me

One of the most difficult, and rarely mentioned, aspects of moving to a new country is getting your bearings with the simple stuff. Where is the nearest bank? Cash point? Restaurant? Shopping centre?

Around me answers all those questions in the touch of a button. A real must-have.