How to avoid feeling lonely on your travels

As any solo traveler knows, it’s normal that you’ll feel lonely at times. For some people, the loneliness can be such a powerful feeling that it puts them off from traveling alone, and that’s a shame, because there’s really no better way to travel the world than by doing so on your own terms, without worrying about anyone else.


So how to deal with the loneliness?

Embrace it

Embracing the feeling of loneliness is to use the feeling as a kind of motivating force. When we feel lonely, we tend to reflect on things in our life. We learn about ourselves and our preferences. If we contemplate on those feelings for a few moments, we realize certain ideas and new things that we wouldn’t have discovered about ourselves if we weren’t feeling so alone.

Get Creative

The feeling of loneliness not only allows us to reflect. It also draws out the creative side of us. When we feel alone, we can channel these feelings into productivity and creativity. It’s a good time to get out a pen and paper and do some sketching, writing, drawing, or just brainstorming any ideas that come up. The creative ideas will flow out of you naturally, and you may just come up with something groundbreaking, whether it’s just a new place to visit, a new goal you’ve set yourself, or whatever.

Be Proactive

If you can learn to be proactive when you’re traveling alone, you will quickly realize how easy it is to put those lonely feelings aside. For example, if you’re sat on a bus, or in a cafe eating breakfast, try to strike up conversation with the person sitting near you. Ask them where they’re going, about the best places to see in the area, and so on. Who knows, you may just find a travel partner for a few days or hours.

You Are Not Really Alone

You’re probably not a social butterfly if you’re reading this article. Still, it doesn’t mean that you will be alone throughout your trip. Learn how to make friends easily. A simple “Hi!” or “Hello” can give you the chance of having company throughout your trip and might even result in great lifelong friendships that would never happen if you weren’t proactive.

Also remember that you’re never too far from your loved ones. Smartphones and tablets mean that it’s possible to travel anywhere and still be able to communicate with our friends and family. All you need to do is find a Wi-Fi connection. Friendship and communication doesn’t have to be done in person to make you feel better. You can talk to your loved ones anywhere and at anytime when you’re feeling alone.

The feeling of loneliness ebbs and flows, and nothing can be done about it. However, you can always find ways to prevent it from getting you down. Over time, you’ll realize that the feelings of excitement and adventure outweigh those of being lonely. Besides, nothing lasts forever and that applies to loneliness too!