Top 5 countries for Solo travellers

One of the most common reasons why some people never travel is that they “never have anyone to travel with”.

What nonsense. Solo travel is fun! It’s the best way to get out of your comfort zone, meet new people and bond with fellow travelers and locals alike. What follows are our top five nations for solo travelers who’re looking to meet like-minded people along the way



The top things to do in China offer some of the most sociable traveler hostels in the world, making it the ideal place to meet a travel buddy or three. The great thing about Chinese hostels is they usually organize communal dinners for all the residents, games nights and tours. Generally, most backpackers in China seem a bit older than those you might meet at Bangkok’s Khao San Road, but that can be a good thing too. China is of course home to some of the world’s most recognizable tourist attractions, including the Great Wall, pandas, lush green rice terraces, and hundreds of vibrant cities.


The biggest advantage of traveling in Bolivia is it’s astoundingly cheap. Dorm rooms or a private room in a guesthouse can cost as little as $10 a night or less. Tours are cheap too, and offer a great way to meet new people. What’s more, most visitors to Bolivia follow more or less the same well-worn backpacker trail, so it’s easy to meet people and keep re-meeting them at different locations.


The Land of Smiles is a haven for solo backpackers. It’s also very cheap compared to western countries, home to hundreds of awesome parties, and there’s so much to see and do. The backpackers Mecca of Khao San Road in Bangkok is the best place to start out and meet some like-minded travelers, before heading down south to the islands and beyond. And while most backpackers you’ll meet are younger, it’s also fair to say Thailand is popular with all ages.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is another backpackers’ favorite, thanks to its mix of cheap food and transport, budget accommodation options and great activities. There aren’t so many hostels in Sri Lanka as compared to other places, but those there are are almost always very lively and a great place to bump into people headed in your direction.

Sri Lanka is home to many beaches and is a great surf destination, and much much more besides.


Eastern Europe

Okay so it’s more of a region than a country, but what the heck… Eastern Europe is an absolute gem for solo travellers. Not only is it incredibly cheap and a place where English is usually spoken, it offers lots of geographical and cultural variety. The Interrail system makes it easy to get around the region by train (always a great place to meet people), and there’s plenty of buses too, not too mention it’s usually safe to hitchhike around.

What’s more, Eastern European countries are choc-a-bloc full of hostels, where you’ll find younger travelling folk from all over the continent. Another place to find great travel resources is Bookmundi’s global travel blog.