How to keep costs down with a local getaway

It might not always provide you with sun, sea and sand, but few would disagree that popularity in a local getaway is doing nothing but surging

For years we thought that the only way to sample a true vacation was to jump on a plane. Then, many of us started to realize that a lot of key attractions, and ultimately good times, were on our door step. 

If you don’t plan these trips accordingly, however, costs can start to spiral out of control. This is what today’s article is about, as we investigate some of the best ways to make these trips more cost efficient.

Don’t travel at the peak times

What exactly is a peak time? Well, unfortunately there are a few. School holidays often grab the headlines for all of the wrong reasons, but there are plenty of other times of the year which you should be avoiding in a bid to save the pennies. Even the weekends can fall into this category; they are traditionally more expensive than midweek breaks, so this is something that you might want to factor in before you start planning your getaway.

It’s not just about London

OK, this next point is more relevant to those of you who are based in the UK, but in truth very similar rules probably apply all around the world.

In short, it’s not just about London. It might grab the headlines for the fantastic experience it offers to tourists, but there’s rarely a cheap opportunity to visit there. Instead, turn to cities like Edinburgh, where there are some great hotels and you just get a whole lot more value for your money.

Book a long way in advance

It might be your trains, or it might be hotels, but please, in the interests of saving money, try not to do it last minute. Sure, every now and again you might be presented with a deal the day before you go which provides fantastic value. However, for the most part, these are really difficult to get hold of – the safest bet is to book a long time in advance.

When it comes to rail travel there are various tips you can tap into to make things cheaper, but if we were to summarize – try and do everything months before you go.

Never pay full price for an attraction

Sure, there will be some attractions in the world where you have to pay full price – and there are no questions asked. However, usually you just have to plan ahead. If you visit a particular attraction on a whim, there’s every chance you will be met by those grossly high, on-the-door prices. If you visit the website beforehand, you might fall into the favorable online booking price category.

Then, there is the topic of 2-4-1 vouchers and everything else that can bring the cost of tourist attractions down significantly. Or, if we turn to the UK again, remember that most museums are free!