Important Things to Consider When Travelling with a Disability

Travelling can be a life-changing, valuable and important activity and it is something that everyone should be able to experience. Fortunately, in today’s day and age, it can be simple, safe and straightforward for those with a disability to travel the world and benefit from everything that this has to offer.

Here are a few important things to consider in order for the trip to be a success and valuable experience:

Method of Transportation

There are many different methods of transportation available and the best type will depend on your destination. Where possible, it is best to drive as this allows you to go at your own pace, it is private and you can make as many stops as you need. If you are using a wheelchair, you can obtain wheelchair accessible vehicles from places like Allied Mobility. These allow you to travel comfortably and safely with plenty of room inside.

Plan & Book Ahead

It is vital that you plan your trip well in advance and make any necessary bookings. Planning in advance allows you to choose the most suitable route, to prepare for the trip and to call ahead and inform any hotels, restaurants and other places that you will be coming and that somebody has a disability. This will allow them to make any necessary arrangements.

Medical Professional Advice

Before setting off, be sure to speak to get clearance from your doctor. They may also have advice for how to have a safe and valuable trip. In addition to this, make sure that you have enough medication if required and the suitable medical equipment.

Backup Plan

Although you will carefully plan your trip out and find accessible areas to visit, it is important to also have a backup plan because things can go wrong. This means that you should research other hotels, attractions, restaurants and even have a backup travel plan. This means that you are prepared if anything were to go wrong.


Finally, it is important that you relax so that you can all fully enjoy the trip. Travel will always be stressful and bring up unexpected hurdles, but the above steps and a positive mindset should mean that you are able to overcome these and have a fantastic trip.

Travel can be an amazing activity and something that everybody should be able to experience. If you or somebody that you are travelling with has a disability, the above tips should help you to have a safe, stress-free and enjoyable trip no matter where you are headed.