How to Plan for Your First Baby Friendly Holiday

So, you’re thinking about booking your first holiday together with the whole family. Travelling with a baby is likely to be a very different experience to what you’re used to, and there might be a few extra things that you’ll have to prepare for prior to travelling abroad.

Here’s four things to consider when planning for your first holiday with your baby:

  1. Book a GP Appointment

Before booking your holiday, it’s recommended that you book an appointment with your doctor to check if any vaccinations are required for you and your children for the country you intend to visit. 6-8 weeks prior to the holiday will probably leave you with enough time for you to consult with your GP.

They’ll take into account the age, the holiday destination, length of stay, activities and general health of your child when determining if there are any health risks. Just be aware that your doctor is unlikely to give any travel-related jabs to children under 18 months.

  1. Choose Accommodation Carefully

Gone are the days where you can just opt for the cheapest hotel or hostel for your stay abroad. Now, you should plan ahead to find the best accommodation for baby-friendly holidays. That could be somewhere that feels like home-from-home, or maybe you’re looking for on-site facilities like toddler pools or playgrounds to keep your little one entertained, or a holiday parc to help them make new friends.

Doing the research and finding the perfect accommodation for the whole family could help you enjoy a stress-free first holiday that keeps both the parents and child happy!

  1. Arrange the Right Documentation

An important thing to remember is that you may need to bring documentation with you before you’re permitted to travel with a child. For example, if you have an adopted child, you must bring your adoption papers. Also, if you’re the only parent travelling or if the surname on your child’s passport is not the same as your own, you might be asked for proof of consent from the other parent.

We recommend taking with you:

  • Your child’s birth certificate,
  • Your marriage certificate (if applicable)
  • A signed and attested consent letter from the other parent confirming you can travel with your child.
  1. Plan for a Slower Pace

A final piece of advice for first-time travellers with babies – account for extra time when travelling. You’ll need extra time making it to the airport or travelling to your destination, as well as planning for a slower pace between your planned activities when you’re away too.

The less you try and squeeze in to your holiday, the more likely you’ll have a stress-free break. Plus, it means you can have a relaxing day indoors if your kids need a rest or if the weather isn’t so great.

With some holiday preparation, you can make sure that your first holiday abroad with your baby is as stress-free and relaxing as possible. With everything arranged in the run up to the day of travel, the only thing you need to worry about is remembering to pack your baby’s favourite toy!