What should you know about gooseneck horse trailer hitches?

What should you know about gooseneck horse trailer hitches?

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When a trailer hitch is mentioned, a ball-type trailer hitch strikes your mind as this is the most common type of horse trailer hitches. But, as every horse trailer category is different in design features and functionalities, the hitch requirements of the different trailers also vary considerably. For instance, a gooseneck horse trailer can’t be pulled with a conventional ball type hitch. Some of the top ways in which the hitches for the gooseneck trailers vary from the traditional ball hitches include, the gooseneck trailer hitches are far stronger when compared with their ball type counterparts and the hitch is placed on the truck bed over the real axle instead of the vehicle’s bumper.

Distinguishing Features of Gooseneck Trailer Hitches

Following are the vital points which differentiate the gooseneck horse trailer hitches from their other corresponding hitches.

  • The gooseneck trailer hitches can handle up to 30,000 pounds of weight and this makes them one of the strongest hitches available in the market today.
  • The installation of the gooseneck hitch requires removal of the truck bed, so that the frame which will hold the ball is properly fitted. While it may take some extra installation time, but it’s worth the time and effort.
  • The gooseneck trailer hitches are often regarded as far more complicated than the regular ball hitches. This complication arises from the exhaustive installation process. But, this sort of installation makes it capable of hauling more weight and providing extra security to the trailer.
  • Unlike their ball based counterparts, which are mounted on the rear of the vehicle, the gooseneck hitches are mounted in the centre of the truck bed. Consequently, they allow the drivers to safely make the sharper turns as compared to the ball hitches.

When should you use the gooseneck hitches?

While the gooseneck hitches offer a plethora of advantages, but there are some disadvantages as well which make them unsuitable for certain situations. These are harder to install and are not as cost-effective as the other hitches are, but, when you need to travel longer distances and are towing extremely heavy horse trailers, the gooseneck hitches are ideal to use. As far as, the towing capacity is concerned, the gooseneck trailer hitches are the heavy duty hitches which are second to fifth wheel hitches only.

However, if the distance is not much and even the weight, which you are towing isn’t much heavy, you can use the conventional ball hitches as they are cheaper to buy and easy to install.

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