Après Ski Activities in Meribel to Try This New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is a very special time of year and, as such, it deserves a special way of celebrating. People all round the world have a great time as the clock strikes midnight but where would you most like to be?

One excellent destination for organizing a ski weekend for a glorious end to the year is Meribel. This lovely town in the French Alps could be the perfect place for you to enjoy a stunning New Year even after your last skiing session of the year.

Head to the Center of Town

Meribel gets really interesting in the build up to midnight, as many people head to the center of town. This is where an informal sort of French New Year’s Eve party kicks off when the clocks strike 12 and everyone goes a bit wild.

You might see champagne bottles being opened, fireworks being set off, and people generally being very happy. People will be kissing, whistles will be blown, and streamers will be probably abound too as the elation of the year ending kicks in.

It is definitely an exciting place to be at this time and it is then up to you to hang around a bit longer, go home or else go to a bar or restaurant. Be sure to wrap up before you head out in this way, as it can be pretty cold at this time of night in winter.

If you are here with a group of friends or on a romantic couple’s trip then a spell in the center of the town will set you up nicely for the rest of the night.

End the Year with a Fabulous Meal

After you have enjoyed your final ski run of the year you are probably going to have a pretty healthy appetite. This is a wonderful ski resort for anyone who loves great food in a fine setting.

Meribel has a terrific range of restaurants and many of them offer special menus or events to end the year. Some might also have live entertainment lined up for when you are going to be there.

With so many locals and tourists looking to enjoy a quality New Year’s meal you might want to book ahead if there is somewhere you are particularly interested in going to. Among the best restaurants in town are La Fromagerie, Kiki Restaurant, and Le Cepe.

The food here is amazing at any time but you may be especially delighted at what you see on the menu at New Year. Turkey, oysters, and foie gras are all common at this time of year and are commonly washed down with a few glasses of sparkling champagne.

Listen to Live Music in a Pub

The massive popularity of Meribel means that it has a thriving après ski scene for you to enjoy. Of course, New Year is just about the very best time of year for going out to sample the lively atmosphere here.

The French love to party as the year ends, so you are virtually guaranteed a great time if you head out with a positive attitude and a desire to have fun. There are plenty of great pubs here and some of them will put on live music shows to end the year with a bang.

As with the restaurants, it is worth doing some research and finding out whether or not you will need to buy a ticket in advance. Some of the best pubs here that sometime put on live music events include the likes of Jack’s Bar, La Folie Douce, and Barometer Bar.

By looking for special deals on New Year ski holidays you will be left with spare cash for enjoying the lively après ski scene with. You certainly won’t forget an action packed ski break here in a hurry.

Enjoy a Chilled Out Bar

Perhaps you would prefer a chilled out evening in a bar where you can chat to friends and enjoy a few relaxing drinks in a peaceful atmosphere. Meribel has a number of bars like this, although finding a peaceful spot might be more difficult on this night than at other times.

Some of the places you might want to look at in this respect are Bar La Taverne, the Den Bar, and Le Grand Café des Pistes. These are all classy places to have a few drinks in as the year winds down.

This can be a great way to ease yourself into the New Year after a tiring day out on the pistes. However don’t be too surprised if the contagious party spirit eventually encourages you to get up and seek out the best parties before midnight strikes.

Of course, the wide mixture of people who visit this French Alps resort means that there is usually something for everyone in the après ski scene. If you take some time to explore the more chilled out options then you should be able to find a relaxed way to see in the New Year.

Go Out to Dance

The French love to dance as the year ends and you can join in if you want to. The good news is that as the clock’s hands hit 12 people will be dancing everywhere, from the streets to the bars and the pubs.

O’Sullivan’s Bar and Nightclub and Le Rond Point Bar are a couple of the après ski hotspots here when you can look to shake your limbs and have a good time. Basically, any of the bars with plenty of space and a lively atmosphere are going to be good places to get moving in.

After an exhilarating day of skiing your legs might be a bit tired but you will feel full of life again once you start to dance with some great company. This is a spectacular way to wait for midnight while enjoying the magical party atmosphere here in Meribel.

Once you get into the party mood it is hard to resist the charms of Meribel. Lots of people come here at the end of the year with fun on their minds, so it is easy to get caught up in the party spirit.


Stay in with Friends

Not everyone feels the need to head out in the hours leading up to the start of a New Year. Sure, you might want to soak up the atmosphere for a while out in the town but what if you prefer to stay in which some friends as the countdown to the big moment begins?

If this sounds like your idea of a fantastic night then the key lies in choosing the right type of accommodation. Perhaps you will all spend your trip staying in a quality chalet or a roomy apartment with stunning views of the mountains.

This can be the ideal setting for a very interesting night where you all sit around and have a few drinks while looking back on the year. If you choose accommodation that has a balcony or a patio then what an amazing way to end the year it could give you.


No matter how good, bad or indifferent the last 12 months have been, celebrating the New Year in Meribel is a fantastic idea. Why not give it a try this year and see how it can set you up perfectly for the next 12 months?