Night walk in Tokyo that you must try

Whereas you may have been to Tokyo, Japan before, I’m not so certain whether you explored the city at night. Most of the visitors who come here explore the city’s beauty during the day and go to sleep amid the night time. Perhaps they do this as they don’t think the City has something to offer at night. If you are among the hundred thousands of individuals anticipating their trip to Tokyo Japan this festive season, keep reading this post to the end as we guide you through the things you must give priority to when you finally land in the city. Unlike some other travel guide sites that you may have read from before, we are not interested in telling you what to do here amid the day time. Rather, we will guide you on the best night walks in Tokyo that no one should afford to miss. Night Walk in Tokyo That You Must TryBelow are some undertakings to get involved in at night when you come to the magnificent city of Japan – Tokyo. Please note that most of these activities will be enjoyed the most if you come here with your friends, family, relatives, colleagues, workmates, etc.

Must-Try Tokyo Nightlife

1. Enjoy Your Late-Night Dinner at Any Food Joint In the City

Before you can commit fully to Tokyo’s nightlife explorations, it is advisable that you eat something. Remember Tokyo is a vast city and there are a lot of things to do here at night; However, exploring them will not be fantastic when your stomach is empty.

There are very many eateries in Tokyo – finding the best place to dine is not something to give you headaches (even if you are a first-time traveler). When looking for the best place to dine in Tokyo, you will realize that the city is “a paradise of foods”. 

Below are some of the meals you should taste for your late-night dinner in Tokyo, Japan. 

-Local Flavor

if you wish to taste the best local flavors, consult the local resident you come across. They know where you can find the best local/traditional meals in Japan. Feel free when talking to a local as most of them are friendly.

-Crazy Restaurants

You can’t afford a chance to miss your favorite dishes at some of the craziest restaurants in Japan. You should make an effort and witness The Robot Restaurant – it’s electric and colorful and is known for its specialties.


If you still have the appetite, make sure you try the best Japanese Sushi. You can go to Jiro Sushi or any other joints that appeal to your eyes. 

2. Soak Yourself in Fun at Shibuya

Those who know Shibuya can tell you that nighttime is not for sleeping in Tokyo (unless you are unwell, very tired, or underage). Shibuya is the best place to explore at night if you are on your weekend vacation to Hong Kong. Shibuya is a street with Tokyo city and is probably the busiest street you witnessed in your entire life at night. The street features more than two thousand individuals who seem busy as they go to their businesses. Other than the huge traffic, you will also be marveled by the flickering traffic lights, skyscrapers, noise, etc. In case you are a picture lover, this place is the best for you. Come with your camera and capture some amazing photos here that you can use to update your statuses on the various social media platforms you already use. Once you did crossing Shibuya Street, you can indulge in the following activities;

-Shibuya Hikarie Observatory

Would you like to view Tokyo city from above? If your answer to this question is affirmative, go straight to Shibuya Hikarie Observatory. The observatory can be accessed by any person free of charge so make sure you come here. Bring your camera if you are a picture fanatic.

-Enjoy Shopping at Omotesando District

If you wanted to do some shopping in Tokyo, Japan but were not able to do so due to lack of enough time during the day, you still can do your shopping at Omotesando District – it’s the most lively night-shopping center in Tokyo from Shibuya. Here you will find world-class products ranging from foodstuff to clothing. If you have nothing to do at the market, grab some snacks, and go to the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) – it’s a walking distance.

-Wonder at Drunkard Alley

If your adult-beverages are your things, you know what to expect at the Drunkard alley. There are more than 50-lined bars that you should explore. 

3. Tokyo’s Great Nightlife

Some of Tokyo’s great nightlife worth your attention includes;

-Wild Nightclubs 

There are countless wild nightclubs in Tokyo that you can explore even if you don’t do adult drinks. One of such pubs includes Ageha- it’s the talk of the city so make an effort and find out why. If you don’t drink, go and dance till late – plus there are other non-alcoholic drinks you can enjoy. Please kids should not be counted when planning your wild nightclubs exploration in Tokyo, Japan.

-Japan’s Craft Beer Scenes

If you are a person who loves beer, Japan’s Craft Beer Scenes are meant for you. Make sure you come here and see all that happens.

-Izakaya Hoping

In the local Japanese dialect, Izakaya refers to Japanese Pubs. There are countless Izakaya in the city – create some time and explore as many as you can afford. Plan an Izakaya hopping tour and you will love the fun. Most of these Japanese pubs serve food and drinks. So if you don’t drink, you will taste some local delicacies. 

4. The Japanese Karaoke

You would never convince anybody that you toured Japan at night if you never indulged yourself in a Karaoke session. Japan is known as the best scene for karaoke where you can go and marvel at your audience. Come with your friends and enjoy the coolest moments in a Japanese Karaoke bar.

The Bottom Line

Whether you come to Japan amid the daytime or at night, you can be sure to get unmetered fun. The city becomes lively at night and this is the time when you should go out and capture its beautiful moments. Never fly back before experiencing Japan at night. 

If you want to witness how magical the city turns at night, book your flight with Cathay Pacific and witness some night walk in Tokyo that you must try.