4 Reasons You Should Visit Australia in Wintertime

In a recent Google survey of Australian attitudes to winter, 63% of the 1,500 people asked admitted to feeling ‘down’ in the winter compared with during Summer and 26% of them confessed that the colder weather was what brought them down the most. Despite these results, we’re here to tell you exactly why you should be visiting Australia during their winter months. Firstly here are the results of the survey.

Australian Winter Behaviour Infographic by Accorhotels.com

In spite of these Aussie attitudes, here are 4 reasons why an Australian Winter is the perfect time to visit…

It’s Cheaper

For most of the World that wish to visit Australia, the distance is pretty huge and with large distances usually come large prices. This isn’t the case during the Winter months and June-August are the lowest tourist months in Australia. As a result of the lower tourism, airlines, hotels and attractions all lower their prices in a push to maintain popularity, and this is where you can cash in. Not only will you save money but many of the beaches and other sites will be far more quiet and easier to enjoy.

The Weather

Despite many inhabitants feeling cold during a winter in Australia, temperatures are far from the likes that many Europeans or Americans will see during their winter. In fact, even during the coldest moments, Sydney will only ‘plummet’ to around 10 degrees Celsius, pretty balmy if you are from the north of Scotland for example, temperatures in general around Australia stay warm during these months. This lower temperature can help in many aspects of your holiday, take a road trip for example, there is not much fun to be had driving through the outback in searing 40 degree heat, the winter months make trips like these far more enjoyable.

 Hit the Snow

Believe it or not there is snow in Australia during winter and you can find it in Victoria, just a day trip from Melbourne. In Victoria you will find awesome alpine locations with snow-capped mountains like Mt. Baw Baw and Mt. Buller, all fully equipped for skiing and snowboarding vacations. If you are staying in Melbourne and you can get up early enough then you can even do this in a day, wake up to sun, head up to the piste for some ski action and make it back to your hotel by the evening for a cold beer to relax. Most tourists flock to Sydney when they head to Australia and whilst the sights and accommodation Sydney has to offer are outstanding, it can’t offer you a skiing day trip like Melbourne.

Watch the Whales

As they look for a comfortable spot to breed, Southern Hemisphere whales migrate North for the winter and pass by much of the Australian coastline. This gives you the perfect opportunity to go and see these majestic creatures as they settle on a spot to mate and breed. All around the coast there are opportunities to go on tours where you can see the whales and best of all, the off-peak nature of the winter months means that these trips are rarely crammed full of tourists.