The Best Countries for Backpacking

Backpacking means something different to everyone. To some, backpacking means hiking long, treacherous trials, solo, your pack filled with only the essentials. To others, backpacking means traveling light; the backpack a symbol for the adventurous travel, one who opts for noisy train ride and budget hostel. Recently the term backpacker has begun to describe nearly any college age traveler on a budget, becoming associated  with all  night partying more than broadening your horizons. No matter what backpacking means to you, here are some of the best countries for backpacking whether you want to be alone on a mountain top or dancing under a full moon with ten thousand of your closest friends.

German Best Backpacker
With the euro at a low, the time may be right to backpack through Germany. Whether you are traveling by the famed rail system or hitchhiking, this legendary European nation has plenty to explore. Germany offers a variety of lodging options for backpackers as well, from humble hostels, quirky Airbnb homes, or well maintained  campgrounds. What you want to while in Germany may depend on the season, if you are there in the fall, Octoberfest is a must. If you visit around December make sure and check out some of the most beautiful Christmas markets in the world. Berlin is a must if you are in Germany and East Berlin can provide a unique experience for any backpacker. The German Alps town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen will provide the quintessential European backpacker selfie agains the mountain backdrop. Dresden also provides an ideal backpacker destinations and is conveniently located on the way to Prague. You should consider checking out a German translation agency ahead of your trip to get your important documents translated ahead of time.

backpacker thailand
When you think “backpacker” what is the first place that comes to mind? For many people it’s Thailand. This southeast asian kingdom offers idyllic beaches, tranquil lowlands, and quiet mountains. Though Thailand’s reputation as a backpacker’s paradise has attracted throngs of harem-pant wearing travelers  for decades; there is still plenty to explore. For better or for worse (depending on your perspective) Ko Pha Ngan’s Full Moon Party has come to represent “backpacking” for many of today’s tourists. This world famous overnight celebration attracts thousands of booze thirsty every month and the numbers keep growing. For backpackers searching for a more tranquil experience, northeastern Thailand is quickly becoming a destination of its on and so have Thailand’s low cost neighbors, Cambodia and Laos.

Chile’s remote southern location makes it an often overlooked location for the world backpacker. This is good news for you, it means you can explore some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery and fascinating cultures without the crowds of other destinations. From the astonishing Andes, the blazing northern deserts, the college culture of Santiago, or penguins of Patagonia the South American coastal country of Chile truly does offer it all. Chile’s also great for a wine-lover on a budget, offering world-class wines and affordable prices not to mention an abundance of seafood to pair it with.

So if you want blue beaches and a hammock, all night parties, or a quiet mountain campsite; all you need to pack is your backpack. What are you waiting for? Get out there!