Where in Costa Rica Should You Visit

Costa Rica is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Central America. It’s great for first-time visitors and experienced travellers. It has a variety of destinations suitable for different kinds of tourists, from those who are into city life to adventurists who like the wilderness and extreme sports. 

It is home to volcanoes, lakes, waterfalls and safaris. After exploring its many natural wonders, tourists can unwind in some of the finest hotels, resorts and lodges. Of course, if you’re into the city nightlife, the capital city has clubs and casinos to enjoy.


The Arenal Volcano is also called the adventure capital of Costa Rica. Besides exploring the attractive green landscape, you can partake in blood-rushing sports, including watersports. It’s where the volcano.cr watersports professionals host their tubing, wakeboarding, waterskiing and wake surfing activities.

You can also try ziplining, white water rafting, rappelling and other exciting activities. Rainforests and hot springs surround the Arenal. It’s an active volcano, but don’t worry; the last major eruption was in 1968. Today, you can watch the minor eruptions from a safe distance. 

It seldom erupts. You’ll see lava flowing down the volcano structure if you’re lucky enough. You can also go on bird-watching tours, wildlife spotting, and hiking to capture beautiful sunset views.


Corcovado is a national park in Osa Peninsula, a remote part of Costa Rica. Corcovado National Park was established in 1975 and is 424 square kilometres big一making it the largest park in the country. It’s pretty hard to get to, but if you make it there, you get to enjoy quiet surroundings while enjoying beach walks, camping, hiking and its rare wildlife

Exploring this natural wonder, you’ll get to experience its diversity. Besides beaches, you’ll also encounter rainforests, coral reefs and cloud forests. It’s home to all four species of monkeys, jaguars, exotic birds and reptiles.


If you’re visiting Tortuguero mainly to experience an endless adventure, then this is the wildlife wonder to see. Heading to Tortuguero needs serious planning and preparation because even when you’ve landed in Costa Rica, getting to this part of the country is an adventure in itself. 

You’ll pass through natural canals as you make your way there and come across wild animals residing there. Visiting between July and October is the best time to witness turtle nesting. This is also a diverse area with a dense rainforest, jungle resorts, lagoons and canals. 

San José

To experience Costa Rican culture in depth, visit the capital city of San José. You can get to understand the country’s history by visiting museums. The culture rubs off on you beautifully when you visit the markets, theatres and restaurants. 

The city’s heart is where various restaurants offer local and international cuisine. When planning to enjoy dinner and head straight to a nightclub, it’s best to head to Calle de la Amargura. This long street exposes you to a wide array of bars and restaurants to pick from. 

Costa Rica is a Package of Holiday Fun

The Arenal, San José, Tortuguero and Corcovado are a few destinations to enjoy in Costa Rica. The country is rich in natural wonders with beautiful landscapes to capture exciting moments. Its landscapes aren’t only beautiful to look at, but they also allow you to partake in heart-pumping and healing activities.

If you have enough time, you can explore the country’s diverse national sparks and end your trip by exploring the Costa Rica culture in its capital.