Things to Know Before Going on a Cruise

Are you planning a vacation for 2018 but don’t know what to do or where to go? Have you thought about a cruise?

Once considered the vacation of retirees it seems cruises are about to become the next big travel trend in 2018.

There are many different cruises to go on depending on what you’re looking for, and with places like the Bolsover Cruise Club Limited offering help you’ll easily find the right one for you.

But before you go we’ve listed five things you should know if you’re a first time cruiser below.

Motion Sickness

If you’ve experienced motion sickness before you know it can be inconvenient at best. There are ways to help prevent motion sickness, such as pills you can get from your pharmacist or wristbands that press on your pressure points to help keep it at bay. You could also opt for a cabin on a higher deck for smoother sailing and reduced chance of motion sickness.

Even if you haven’t suffered with it before` it may be wise to prepare just in case it strikes.


As cruise ships are like a ‘No Man’s Land’ you’ll have to take your ID with you when you go ashore. This is because you have to navigate customs style systems to get on and off due to cruise ships harbouring thousands of people. Make sure you have them at all times so you beat the crowds and get to the exit early.

Opt for All-Inclusive

If you’re planning on having a few cocktails and enjoying yourself, all-inclusive is the best option. This is because you’re on the ship most of the time and buying individual drinks could leave you with a hefty bill, and if you have children you know how often they require feeding.

Close curtains

A little cautionary tale, don’t be caught in the thought of bathing in the moonlight through your window as you sleep. If you like to sleep in little to nothing docking the next morning could be a little embarrassing, as passengers on the ship next door may see a little more than they’d bargained for.

It’s a ship not a boat

Finally, this is just one to keep in mind, it’s a ship and not a boat. Although this may seem like an innocent mistake it’s a huge faux pas in the world of waterborne people.

These are just a few little tips if you’re considering a cruise holiday, but with 2018 looking to be the year of the cruise we feel you’ll put these to good use.