Top 4 Driving Distractions

There are a number of rules that should be observed when driving such as keeping your seatbelt on and using turn signals. One of the most important, however, is not to drive distracted.

Driving distracted is a major source for concern as it puts the health and safety of the driver, passengers and other road users at risk. Countless accidents and fatalities have occurred due to driving distracted.

This is why every driver should be aware of the potential distractions that can occur when driving and how to avoid them for your own safety. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Phones: This is one of the leading causes of car accidents on the road. We live in a very tech-forward world where everyone is constantly connected to their devices.

While this has done some good, there is a place and time for phone use and while driving isn’t one of them. Make use of the hands-free option when driving and as much as possible, avoid taking phone calls when on the road or texting.

Fortunately, many modern cars allow you to automatically connect your phone, allowing you to make and receive calls through voice commands. If you lease a ford, for example, ask about those features.

  1. Visual distractions: Visual distractions aren’t discussed as much as other sources of distractions but are valid nonetheless.

Visual distractions refer to things outside of the car that might catch your eye and steal your attention. This includes things like accidents, interesting billboards or even other drivers. It is not uncommon these days to see videos taken by drivers on the road of interesting events, which goes to show that visual distractions are very common and many are still not aware of their dangers.

When driving, keep your attention on the road no matter what interesting thing you might see as you drive.

  1. In-car distractions: While there are a number of things outside the car that might be distracting, there are also many things inside the car that are as well.

This includes conversations with those in the car with you, the radio, things moving about in the car and what not. When driving, it is important that everyone in the car makes an effort not to distract the driver. Also, do not let yourself be distracted by anything going on in the car unless it is life-threatening. If it needs your immediate attention, pull over and attend to it before continuing on your trip.

  1. Drowsiness: It is a very dangerous idea to drive when not in the right frame of mind. This is not limited to being drunk but also Includes being sleepy as well.

While it might be tempting to power through a drive despite being drowsy, it could be potentially fatal to do so. It would be a better option to call a cab or sleep where you are than to drive in a drowsy state.


Part of driver education includes being aware of possible distractions on the road. Consider the above sources of distraction while driving and try to avoid them.