3 Offbeat Places to Visit When in Singapore

One of the most-traveled destinations in Southeast Asia is the stunning island city-state of Singapore. It is known as an economic giant, making it a modern and well-developed country. A lot of travelers from across the globe are visiting this diverse and exciting island nation, for it has numerous things to offer to all age groups.

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Aside from Singapore’s popular tourist attractions, you can also try out some of its offbeat places. There is more to the country’s Sentosa, Gardens by the Bay, Singapore Flyer, and Universal Studios. If you are not into mainstream spots, then discover other places and things to do while spending your vacation here.

Hence, here’s a quick guide to some of Singapore’s must-visit unusual destinations:

Haw Par Villa

Known for its Ten Courts of Hell, Haw Par Villa is one of the weirdest spots in Singapore. This unusual amusement park will give you a memorable journey into Chinese mythology and folklore. It vividly depicts the various kinds of punishments that a person will receive when committing sins. So, if you are up for a bizarre and gruesome adventure in a religious-themed park, then visit Haw Par Villa. Definitely, it will blow your mind.

Selfie Coffee

All coffee lovers out there need to add Selfie Coffee to their itineraries when in Singapore. This is a less popular coffee shop located in the hipster street of Haji Lane. The concept of this café is to take a selfie from your device and the baristas will print your photo from their machine onto the foam. In fact, this coffee shop originated in Malaysia and now it expands to other countries. Its unusual concept is what makes it interesting for tourists to try it out. Thus, if you want to take a shot on something new and level up your caffeine fix, visit Selfie Coffee.

Sungei Road Thieves Market

Singapore is popular for its huge shopping centers, but it has also a thriving flea market, which comes as a shock to most first-time travelers in the country. Sungei Road Thieves Market is situated between the streets of half-built apartments, construction sites, and high-rise buildings. It has existed for decades now and it offers tons of wares, fenced goods, and notorious characters. You will actually find everything here, so if you want something, buy it right away because you might not be able to see it again when you come back.

All in all, Singapore is one of the best travel destinations in Asia. With all its amazing tourist attractions, good food, and friendly locals, you will be able to enjoy your vacation with your family or friends. And if you want to try out something new and uncommon, then visit these interesting spots mentioned above. You will surely have an unforgettable experience while in these places.