Adding Heli-skiing to Your Bucket List

Everyone’s got a bucket list, and you’re no exception. As you itemize all of the things you want to see, the food you want to eat, and the things you want to achieve, don’t forget about injecting a little fun and adventure to your list. If you’re an experienced skier, than you can tick off both things by adding heli-skiing to your bucket list.

Love epic adventures? Add heli-skiing to your bucket list!

Heli skiing began in the late 1950s, when skiers first thought of using helicopters to access the world’s most remote mountain tops. Ove the last 60 years, it has lost none of its novelty, as people are still exploring some of the most extraordinary landscapes around the globe. British Columbia in particular, boasting the majestic Canadian Rockies, is a location that’s earning a lot of points in the heli skiing community. Its unique climate creates the perfect ski conditions throughout the season, providing the backdrop for the ideal run. Indeed, 98% of the season is deemed fly-able, making this special place in Canada the best location for your skiing trip.

With more trips up the mountain, BC-based operators like Great Canadian can offer your more chances to experience the uncut corn powder of the Rockies. The expert pilots and guides at Great Canadian Heli Skiing will take you to the best place on the mountain, where a combination of white fluffy snow, breathtaking vistas, and vertical potential await you. In fact, an operator like Great Canadian can guarantee something unusual within the heli skiing community: truly unlimited vertical. While most parties tend to reach 43,000 metres during a single trip, there’s no additional charge for surpassing that average.

The only competition for top vertical will be your helicopter mates — aka your best friends who also love to ski. Luckily, the typical boutique heli skiing in BC limits their groups to four individuals. That means you won’t have to ski around strangers who take up too much space or who go too slow. Your small group size allows you the most customizable skiing holiday you’ll ever have. And far from the crowded ski runs of a lacklustre resort, you’ll never feel overwhelmed.

Adding a heli skiing adventure to your newly minted bucket list is a good idea. With unequalled thrills, perfect powder, unlimited vertical, and the breathtaking natural beauty of the Canadian Rockies, BC heli skiing will deliver on adventure, fun, and unforgettable memories. So write it down on your list and start research how you can plan your holiday today.