5 Best Locations to Visit in Vietnam

Vietnam is rapidly becoming one of the most popular destinations to visit around the world. This beautiful Asian country beholds some incredible scenery, food and compelling history. This densely populated country of 94 million has it all. From a beautiful coastline to the deep jungle to the countries vibrant and chaotic cities. As a traveller you can find whatever it is you are looking for in this country, whether it may be peace and tranquility or the hustle and bustle of a major city. This country has become one of Asia’s Backpacking Hot-Spots. With so much to offer a traveller this is hardly surprising! When in Asia you have to try a Vietnam tour.

Ho Chi Minh City

Formerly known as Saigon, this city has both a tough and intriguing history surrounding it. On the surface the scars of the past show, but beneath it is a whole new modern, vibrant and positive city pushing forward. The organised chaos that awaits you will wake you up from the word go. Ho Chi Minh City offers some of the finest street food and finest restaurants in Asia, so you’ll never be short of top quality food options. As well as the food, the buzzing nightlife is just as exciting too. During the day the War Remnants Museum, Giac Lam Pagoda and the Norte Dame Cathedral are a few of the many fascinating historical sights to visit in Ho Chi Min City.

Mekong Delta

Located in the South West of Vietnam, these fertile lands are responsible for providing over a third of the countries food, surrounded by rice plantations and fish farms. The colourful floating markets, small villages and nature behold some unique images which makes this place a top location to visit.

Ha Long Bay

With over 2000 islands covered in lush jungle, this stunning bay will take your breath away. Float along the aqua-green water and take in the beautiful views that you will be surrounded by. With every turn in the boat you will see caves, sinkholes and lakes. Ha Long Bay is one of nature’s beautiful sculptures and is a must see.



This beautiful city holds a historic museum of Vietnamese and French colonial architecture called Old Quarter. This wonderful building survived the Vietnamese war making it an integral part of the city’s history and progression. Amongst the city are beautiful restaurants and boulevards with plenty of greenery creating a peaceful environment within the busy metropolis.

Cat Tien National Park

The mountains and jungle within this 72,000 hectare nature reserve, makes this place a very special and unique setting for anyone who loves the great outdoors. Activities such as mountain biking and hiking as well as bird watching cater for all nature lovers.

Vietnam will blow your mind with its beauty and history. It has so much to offer that time could limit how much you see, but once you visit, you will be in awe of this magnificent country.