Amazing Arizona: Grand Canyon is Just the Start of It

The headline act in the state of Arizona is arguably the Grand Canyon, but beyond that iconic tourist attraction, there are plenty of amazing highlights to enjoy.

Here are some suggestions for an awesome Arizona adventure, including an instantly recognizable backdrop, a couple of locations that are photographer’s dream, plus a challenge to conquer your fears when you encounter a ghostly shape in the distance.

A famous landmark

There is an immediate familiarity about Cathedral Rock, Sedona when you arrive and first set eyes on what is arguably one of the most iconic and famous landmarks you will find in this vast country.

The appropriately-named Cathedral Rock is an unmistakable presence in the Coconino National Forest and the distinctive red sandstone has been created from sand dunes from around the ancient Pedregosa Sea.

If you are feeling fit you can tackle the steep 1.5-mile climb to the summit and your reward is some spectacular views when you arrive at the top, plus some amazing scenery to inspire and motivate you on your ascent.

A couple of other canyons that should also make your must-see list

It is impossible to resist the lure of the Grand Canyon when you visit Arizona but there are also a couple of other spectacular canyons that should also be on your radar.

Antelope Canyon in Monument Valley is actually made up of two slot canyons, which is a good description for the narrow shape formed by the path created from water running through the various rock formations.

It is not hard to see why Antelope Canyon is a real draw for photographic hobbyists and some of the images you can capture almost take on a surreal nature about them.

Don’t forget the wave

Staying on the theme of unique vistas and formations, the Arizona Wave also rates as a sight you really have to see if you can.

This sandstone formation offers a riot of brilliant colors that closely resemble waves, and it is part of the Paria Canyon, so book a date to witness these unique patterns that can be traced back to the Jurassic period.

Are you superstitious?

Phoenix is a great place to stay in Arizona and somewhere like the Renaissance Phoenix Downtown Hotel by Marriott could be a good base for exploring the surrounding area.

If you head east out of Phoenix you will encounter the Superstition Mountains, which many consider has a slightly eerie feel about the massive red cliffs that tower over you, a feeling enhanced by the abandoned ghost town you can visit there.

This intriguing mountain range is challenging you to take a closer look and if you take one of the scenic trails through the Superstition Mountain Wilderness Area you will be pleased that you banished any initial trepidation about getting closer.

So, by all means, visit the famous Grand Canyon when you visit Arizona, but make time for some of the other spectacular sights there too.