UK Bucket List of Places to Visit by Car

The UK is a remarkably beautiful place with dozens of electric cities, charming villages, stunning natural settings and unique attractions. Also, as the UK is (relatively) small, it means that it can be straightforward to travel right throughout the UK and tick these superb places off your list.

This recent study from Dayinsure asked the public where they would travel to in the UK by car if they only had one day to travel. This is an intriguing question and one which has inspired me to think about exploring the UK by car and what the ultimate bucket list would be. Here are a few places which everybody should visit and can be easily reached by vehicle.


Unsurprisingly, London is an absolute must for anybody exploring the UK. Here you will find endless cultural attractions and brilliant places to explore, plus there is lively and unique atmosphere throughout London that adds to its world-famous charm.


The Scottish capital is a beautiful city with a rich heritage, culture and history to uncover. It is also home to a lot of natural beauty, so it is a great place for long walks with great views over the city and beyond.

The Lake District

An incredible mountainous region found to the North West of England, the Lake District is an area of outstanding natural beauty that will take your breath away. Epic lakes, thick woodland, green hills valleys and much more await here and it can be a refreshing escape from the cities.


This northern county has everything with stunning countryside and the magnificent city of York, which has a strong Roman heritage that is evident throughout. In York, you can enjoy the famous food and drink scene, as well as Tudor houses, medieval walls, the 13th Century York Minster and much more.


Liverpool is another one of the UK’s most famous and cultural cities. The maritime city was nominated as the European Capital of Culture in 2008 and it is easy to see why. The Beatles, Liverpool F.C, Liverpool Cathedral, the Walker Art Gallery and the Albert Dock are just a few of the must-visit attractions here.


Found within the rolling hills of southwest England, Bath is a wonderful city with unique architecture, brilliant culture and welcoming locals. The historic city is also known for its natural hot springs which can be enjoyed in a spa after a day of exploring the area.


Located in northwest Wales, Snowdonia is a region with incredible coastal scenery and a breathtaking mountainous region with glacial landforms. The gigantic Snowdonia National Park is one of the greatest National Parks in Europe and a great place for hiking, cycling and other outdoor pursuits.


Located on the rugged southwestern tip of England, Cornwall is a peninsula with the UK’s finest beaches, charming villages and towns, huge cliffs and wild moorland. It is the premier spot for surfing in the UK, but many people flock here in the summer to enjoy the good weather and being by the sea.

These are just a few of the terrific places in the UK that should be on anybody’s bucket list. Although spread out across the entirety of the UK, it can be possible and relatively straightforward to drive throughout the UK and this is a good way to see the country’s great beauty found throughout the land.