Incredible Places To Visit In The UK

Are you planning your next travel adventure? If you’re thinking of going to countries in the EU, the United Kingdom remains one of the prime choices. From picturesque landscapes to stargazing spots, UK got many elements to make you a fan. Here are our top picks when it comes to the incredible places to check out in England. 


Cornwall is the county of contradictions. There’s something quite eerie yet interesting about this place. It looks like a big, sharp, rugged piece of rock just came out of the ocean and people were enchanted to go live here. Here, you can visit King Arthur at Tintagel’s ruins. Or, you can go to the Museum Of Witchcraft and Magic. The latter is the world’s oldest collection of items relating to magic; creepy mirrors, spell casting stones, or that button which Aunt Marble gave you. Apart from that, you can have great artworks at Tate St Ives. The Hidden Hut gives you freshly cooked feast under the stars. This otherworldly place does have its charms! 


2020 can be the year of staring in the great beyond. Dive in the beauty of the stars by getting in one of the darkest parts of England. Exmoor has the darkest skies in the country, according to the International Dark-Sky Association. The place has been declared the Dark Sky Reserve. The scene is filled with nature reserves and ancient burial grounds (not surprising) It’s a lush place to visit in daylight. But at night, you will enjoy the sights at Holdstone Hill, Brendon Two Fates and Haddon Hill. These places give you some of the impressive astral views ever!

West Yorkshire

Art is like the soul of Yorkshire, especially with the new arts trail that leads to four galleries plus outdoor exhibitions. The place is a leading destination for sculpture fans. If you’re one, then you might want to go to The Henry Moore Institute or the Leeds Art Gallery for key attractions. Yorkshire Sculpture Park proudly boasts the Yorkshire Sculpture International, an event reuniting several sculptors and their creations. Apart from the art section, visitors may enjoy the Salts Mill shopping centre and the Salt Beer Factory that gives you a brew tap with music and a food hub!


There’s never a bad time to check out this city called Bristol! You can come across the city’s first shipping container park that is located in the developing neighbourhood of Wapping Warg. Expect to come across the city’s best bars and restaurants carefully laying their seats by the waterside setting. Go for the delicious servings of Box-E or the modern beer brews from Wild Beer Co. If you’re booking hotels here, then Artist Residence might be the best. This is a chain of boutique hotels from Brighton, built from a dormer boot factory!

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