Some of the World’s Most Expensive Homes

Mentioning the word ‘Home’ brings to mind a sense of modesty and comfort. For most people, it’s not the size that matters as much as the soothe and security. A home is where you raise your kids and create memories. But for others, it’s where you put your excessive wealth on full display. Brace yourself as we are about to discover some of the most expensive homes on the planet!

  • Antilia, Mumbai

The ultramodern home of one of the richest men in India, Mukesh Ambani. Antilia cost $1 billion to build. According to Forbes, the Head of Reliance Industries Limited is presumed to be worth over $49 billion. The house is much like an abstract tower, with pillars and captivating angles. It is also packed with 27 stories, with parking for 168 cars and three helicopters.

In 2008, a Russian billionaire purchased Witanhurst. The acquisition was done through a shell company. It is the second-largest residence in London, behind Buckingham Palace. Lately, it was being renovated. These renovations have included adding a new guest house, a swimming pool and a massive 40,000-square-foot basement. It’s believed that this place will be worth $450 million once completed.

  • Villa Leopolda

Villa Leopolda is straight out of the movies. It is estimated at $750 million. Constructed by the king of Belgium in 1902, the property was a gift to one of his lovers. The 14-bedroom villa was almost bought by a billionaire back in 2008. However, the deal fell through. Nestled in the French Riviera, this one is utterly magnificent.

  • Beverly House, Beverly Hills

The Beverly House is the pinnacle of Beverly Hills real estate. It was listed for $135 million. If you’ve seen the movie called The Godfather, you will remember that the scenes were shot from there. Do you also remember that entire horse head in the bed? The estate was also a filming location for “The Bodyguard.” It boasts a series of swimming pools and sculptures. Perhaps, it is one of the best places to have the biggest party of your life.

  • Buckingham Palace

This is the residence of the British royal family. Its value and actual liquidity could be highly debated. It is actually a very expensive home since it belongs to Queen Elizabeth. Many people have valued the palace at around $4.7 billion. The palace and grounds are part of a royal trust. So, these aren’t really accessible by anyone. Many sources say Buckingham is more in the range of $1.5 billion. In that case, it has to be at the top of any list.

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