Thinking of a Yacht Charter Holiday?

We’re taking a closer look at Yacht Charter holidays, for first-timers and beginners who don’t know what to expect on such vacations. If you love the beaches, the water, and the sunny sky, a sailing cruise holiday will be a holiday to remember for the rest of your life, and so much more than anything on the land, a totally next-level experience.

So how do you go about planning a boat rental holiday?  We asked the guys at Plain Sailing for a few tips on how to get started – whether you’re planning to take it bareboat or crewed, and what the most important aspects of a yacht charter holiday are.  Let’s start with the basics… 

The Right Ingredients: People, Plans

Regardless of your holiday type or destination, you must select the right people so that you can enjoy it without worries or personality clashes. A good yacht charter depends on this since you will be far off into the sea, and you won’t be able to give each other too much space. It is a special holiday and needs a special crew. If you don’t know how to sail the boat yourself you’ll also have crew on-board, and though they are normally the most easy-going people you can imagine, you need to be aware that they are there, as they can change the group dynamic.

  • Getting a crewed charter is best if you’re going on your first holiday.
  • The experienced skipper and crew can make quick decisions for the smoothest sailing and time on the waves.

Taking Individual Preferences

The next step is to plan the people, guests, and itinerary when you are going for the holiday well in advance.

When booking a yacht charter you must take into consideration individual preferences and also those of your crew members. This helps everyone to agree on a budget, the plan, the routes to take and how much it will cost. As crews and holiday planners are well experiences they can advise on the feasibility of one plan and make modifications well in advance.

  • You must consider the expectation from the holiday including dining, food, accommodation, and activities.
  • Some may have some plans to spend more on the sea rather than on the beaches and resorts and so on.
  • Going into the sea for days at a time can be a good idea, but also should be debated.
  • Sightseeing from one spot to another, visiting antique sights, or going to for scuba diving must all be arranged and thought well before in advance.

Beginners in Holiday Planning

If you are an experienced sailing and have handled a yacht before, you can still book just a skippered yacht charter and go off on a nice vacation. A lot of people prefer this private style of a holiday than having a full 10-member crew on board. However, safety should never be ignored for thrill and adventure, especially if you’re new to the waters and are a beginner.

  • The advantage is that a skipper will have a lot of knowledge and can plan all routes.
  • They can be hired locally when you go from one spot to another and can be good fun without a huge expense at hiring a crewed yacht charter.
  • Some expect a professional skipper to steer the yacht for the first couple of days.

The routes, itinerary, and everything must be done considering the weather all the time.