Top 5 Casino Destinations Around the World

Pack some extra excitement into your next holiday by heading for one of the world’s greatest gambling destinations. Casino holidays combine some much-needed R & R with the thrill of your favourite casino games. By day, kick back by the pool. By night, try your luck with roulette, blackjack and slot machines in world-famous casino resorts.

When you first hear the words ‘casino holiday’, you probably think about Las Vegas. But the Sin City Strip’s not the only place to book your perfect gambling getaway. We’ve called in the bgo Casino Team to tell you more about 5 other top casino destinations around the world.

Find out about Monte Carlo, a favourite with high rollers and a famous fictional secret agent. See if you like the sound of Singapore, home to the iconic Marina Bay Sands Casino. Or have your questions answered about Aruba, the island now known as the ‘Vegas of the Caribbean’.