Look Before You Launch: Top Apps for Safer Boating

Download the Top Apps for Safer Boating and stay well this summer

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If you love your boating excursions you will know that there are plenty of things to check and do before you weigh anchor and head on your way.

It is not just about checking that ropes are secured and fuel supplies are sufficient for your plans, but amongst all the physical tasks to go through, there are some apps you could make use of to help you prepare for your trip.

Here is a look at some useful boating apps for your smartphone. Including one that could get you vital help if things go wrong, an app that helps you focus on safety, plus a charting option for your mobile.

Have a backup plan

If you want an app that makes it simple to file a route plan together with other vital information that could prove critical in an emergency situation, an app like Float Plan EZ could fit the bill.

The idea is that the app tries to make it as easy as possible to file a float plan with a few simple steps and it even does some of the work for you, such as when you enter latitude and longitude in your float plan it automatically calculates the time, distance, and bearing to the next waypoint.

It is definitely worth thinking about downloading a weather app too, as it will allow you to get a real-time picture of current and predicted conditions at your chosen destination and along the way to that route.

Safety first

It can often help to have a checklist to work your way through so that you don’t miss anything important that needs to be done, and when it comes to safety you might want to enhance the prospect of covering every safety angle before you set sail.

The U.S Coast Guard is committed to trying to improve boating safety and this is why they produced their own mobile safety app.

The app runs you through safety regulations and produces a handy safety checklist. It also gives you access to navigation rules and gives you the facility to request emergency assistance if you need it.

Charting options on your mobile

Regardless of whether your passion is just boating or you are a keen angler looking for fertile waters where the fish are biting, you will want to chart your route and plan your trip properly.

Plan2Nav is designed to be the perfect partner for your chart plotter and you can use the app on your phone to plan voyages by not just charting your route, but letting you set waypoints, and measure the distance for each leg of your journey.

You get the chance to access advanced data such as marine charts, plus dynamic tides and currents data. The worldwide background map is free but there is a charge for accessing the C-Map charts that anglers use in their chart plotters.

If you want to enjoy a safer and more productive boating adventure, downloading apps like these can help you achieve that aim.

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